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12/08/2019 Update


Wow! It has been a while for a health update.  Does that mean it has been a great few weeks?  Yes and no, think Thanksgiving in the USA.  I spent the days leading up to it trying out sourdough bread recipes.  I was trying to make gluten free breading for the dressing.  We, in the US, have turkey and dressing (or stuffing).  I prefer stuffing the bird, but since my daughter was letting her husband smoke the turkey – then it had to be out of the bird and in a pan. 

Some use the terms of stuffing and dressing interchangeably.  Not me.  If it is in the bird, it is stuffed; if it is outside of the bird then you got it, dressing.  But one thing I have learned about gluten free breads is they tend to get rubbery if reheated, so putting it in the cavity of the bird poses a problem.  Not just that it was smoked, but if it were roasted then you would still have too much of a chance for failure.  So out of the bird it was. 

Now back to the health and how I managed to stay on my feet for the week leading up to the dinner/holiday.  I honestly don’t know how I did it.  There were plenty of nights that I took medicine to relieve the humming in the legs.  Not to mention the aching and burning in the funny little tailbone area.  I used the heating pad, the e-oil, and bouts of crying to go to sleep some nights.  I do not like to take medicine daily.  Nope, it lowers the ability of the pain meds to do their job.  Then to go around in a drug induced stupor just is not for me.  Besides, I hate being nauseous.  Another thing that has been irritating me is bouts of dizziness.  My head will feel like it is pitching forward at odd times of the day.  Heck, it even woke me up from my sleep.  That was scary.  I first thought we were having an earth tremor, but no.  I had a weird taste in my mouth and could not even move my head to turn a light on.  After about five minutes it stopped.  I am still getting those head spins, and I do not like it.  I need to shop and that means driving myself.  Would that not be fun for a “spell” to happen while I am behind the steering wheel?

Also, I live in the south, here in the US.  Yes, it is late fall, but it should not be this cold in our area.  Being perpetually cold is not fun.  Once I get cold, I seem to never get warm.  I sleep in socks, I live in socks, I hate socks.  Then talk about wearing warm clothing.  My skin will start to sting and itch if I am covered up tight.  That is a symptom of another rare disease I have.  Then the material that will keep you warm will cause rashes.  So, I wear long sleeve tee shirts, men’s flannel shirts, and capris.  What ever happened to dresses made out of heavy cotton that would go down mid-calf? [ On this short girl that is really my ankles. ]  Those dresses are warm and they did not bother the legs.  The materials, that most sweaters are made with today, are not  friendly to my skin.  Then the sweat shirts and pants are not soft anymore.  So, I wear p-j bottoms around the house.  When out in public,  I am stuck with pants that rub the scar on my surgery site.  I hate clothes.  Not really,  but ……

Let me tell you about the sourdough breading I made for the dressing.  It was a success.  I used a blend of einkorn, white rice, and buckwheat starters to make the bread.  Then I added spices to the dough right before baking.  I was so afraid that it would taste like cardboard with spices added.  But after I waited a few hours for it to cool, I took a knife to slice a piece.  I managed to get the blend of spices perfect.  The bread tasted better than any boxed or prepackaged breading I have ever bought.  The “drying it out” process was a chore.  I had to slice the loaf and lay it on cookie sheets in the oven for two whole days.  The first day I let the slices just sit.  Then the next, I cut each slice into strips.  Then after a few hours more, I cut the strips into tiny squares.  During this time, I left the oven light on.  Also, I would turn the heat on in the oven, with the door cracked, just for a few minutes each hour or so.  That allowed the bread to dry but not toast; and by having the door open it allowed the moisture to leave the oven.  Gluten free bread and moisture do not mix well.  Then I laid the cubes on a lint-free tea towel and rolled them up.  In a zip bag they went, but I left half the bag unzipped.  Gluten free breads do not like to be air tight, either.  Another hint with this type of bread, do not try cutting from the dried side up.  Put your knife in the softer side or the bread just mashes down and becomes doughy.

Maybe I will share my bread making tips if I find a good rhythm to it.  So far, I can’t get a good dairy-free and gluten-free biscuit.  Oh, I do not count butter as dairy.  That is my cheat in the dairy aisle.   But I have the buckwheat pancakes down!  If you want me to share those then ask and I might put the recipe on here. 


As you can tell once again, I did not get the start of this post published.  When I typed it, I knew I needed to do some major editing.  Then trying to decorate for the Christmas season kicked me.  The next evening I had to have help walking.  I had been up and down the stairs trying to bring stuff up for the tree.  Yes, I knew I was pushing it, but….  Tis’ the season.  That evening when I was going to call it quits, I stood up and instantly knew my legs were not going to listen to my brain tell it to take a step.  So, I had to holler for help.  Nothing like trying to walk by the stairs and not go head first.  I had the husband to stand next to them and between him and the couch, I managed.  I think that trip (just 10 yards total) to my bed took forever.  Since there are no meds that says, “hey, brain make the legs work” I had nothing to take.  I just went to bed early and of course slept a few hours.  Then, not only was the legs screaming at me, but my PGAD kicked in.  I was able to walk, so, I walked around trying to release some of the nerve humming.  Around about 5 am I went back to sleep, just to wake again at 8 to the neighbor’s barking-babies telling the owners they hate being outside. 

My home is as decorated as it is going to get.  Now, to start with candy making.  I can’t wait.  I will make my son’s favorite nut balls.  No cooking, just mixing and rolling in the palm of your hands.  If I eat any, I will not tell.  They are sooooo filled with refined sugars, heck that is all they are, with a touch of dairy.  For me I am going to try my fudge with pumpkin!  And do another batch of chocolate and add raisins.  Yum! 

If I do not post anything new before the holiday gets here, Y’all have a Merry Christmas and may the blessings of the reason we have this season be with you.


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