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Another Review on Cracker Barrel

Another Review on Cracker Barrel: Athens Georgia

Once again, we were out shopping. People, if you plan these trips right you get a meal out and can come home rested. If the husband/chauffeur/bag carrier gets wind of what I just wrote he will have me out earlier. Anywho, we spent a few hours out and I was dreading coming home and trying to piece together something to eat. My husband suggested we just grab something in Athens. Really in the parking lot of the last store we were in was the Cracker Barrel. So, this review is of a completely different store than the last.

My impressions:

The store is, of course, the same set up as most in their brand. Tight aisle to stroll through. Hard wooden seats on brick flooring. Nothing different here.

The ordering process was a little different. When I asked for an allergy menu, I was brought this menu that had “suggestions” on it. Even as I type this I have a wrinkle in the forehead and a sarcastic inner voice. Their menu for the ‘special people’ was nothing like the store’s in Commerce. I was just so confused with what it was trying to help me do. So, I asked for the one with the allergy ingredients like the other store had. The manager came to the table and told me that was all he had. I know I rolled my eyes at him. I told him that other stores I have visited had a more detailed menu that was more reassuring than that “suggestions” one. I even went as far as to tell him to check with the other restaurant and get what they had. I explained it had each item on the menu and what exactly the allergy item would be or if any was in the selection. He proceeded to tell me that the menu he handed me was the only one his store has had. Then ….. he proceeds to tell me he had only been with Cracker Barrel for eight months. I repeated that it would be much nicer to have the other menu. And I even said that I felt very unsafe ordering.

What did I order? Their grilled trout, baked potato, and Brussel sprout salad. Once again asking for the butter to be 100% butter and on the side, not in my potato. I stressed to the waiter to make sure no oils were used during the grilling process. When the food came to the table it looked fair. The fish looked and tasted good. Not greasy, meaning they did not use any oil. The Brussel sprout salad was not as good as their other restaurant’s, so I would say it was average. The ‘baked’ potato was questionable. It looked like it had been scorched, and it had grit on the peel. I was assuming that grit was salt. I never eat the peel of a potato since you never know how clean they are. Also, considering all the poison, fungicide, and whatever else the farmer, shipper and packing plants decided to add to the cocktail that never washes off the peel.

What was the difference between the two stores? My system told me something was not right with this store’s cooking method. Since I always drink soda/pop when out, it could have been that. Since I ate a potato, it could have been that. Since I rarely eat fish out, the fish could have been a ‘farmed’ fish with antibiotics and other horrors in its flesh. You get where I am going with this? I could not even make it home, to the privacy of my own potty! No! I had to make a pit stop. I have noticed this issue had come up for me, at this particular store, more than once. Matter of fact it is my least favorite of their stores for this one reason. So, after I contact their corporate center to ask a few questions I will add to this post. I will be asking why this happens at this store and not the others, — if they are supposed to be using the same ingredients and same cooking methods.

So, be aware that this store’s food is not friendly to a person who might be affected by food intolerance. At least the silverware was clean.


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