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01/29/2022 Update, Do Not Move

Hey, I just noticed I got the year right! Yep, it usually takes me a few months to write the new one.  Just a fun observation.  [I thought it was, anyway.] Sooo,…. Today was the day for my MRI of brain and cervical areas of spine.  And my mantra today was, “I will not cry, … Continue reading

01/24/2022 Update

  Time for an update.  I am finally over all the traveling throughout the holidays. Finally, I was able to get an appointment with the local Neurology office.   My primary doctor, ie family  doctor, finally found one that would see me.  Note how I worded that; “would see me”. So, I patiently waited until last … Continue reading

12/21/2021 Update

How to start this post.  I had a post for October but never posted it.  Reason?   Family.  They do not like to hear or read about my life.  It is so wild that not too many people can handle it [sarcasm y’all].  Let me stick to health for this post.  With the holidays and traveling, … Continue reading

10/11/2021 I Battle!

My posts are far and between.  Right?  I was recently asked why.  Was my health so good/bad that I didn’t need to post?  Was I bored with writing?  Humm, how to answer their question.  Really there is no one answer.  Let me assure you that I will never be bored with writing.  Not that I … Continue reading

8/30/2021 Update

  So…. Once again I forgot to hit publish. Since this is the update for August I will have two posts coming out within hours of each other. Sorry.   So let me share what I have been up to besides having a bad attitude.  My son is (was) moving back to the area.  Something … Continue reading

07/16/21 Update

It has been a while, yes?  So how has this old body been doing?   Humm, do I talk about the daily discomforts with Tarlov Cysts?  Do I talk about the daily struggle with my ligaments wanting to cramp up on me?  Do I talk about my bones hurting?  Or do I choose to talk about … Continue reading

05/30/2021 Update

5/30/2021 Hello everyone!  Where has the time flown?  I have been keeping up with updates, but have not posted any.  Too much negative stuff for me to share.  In other words, I have not been a good patient.  I have been doing things I know from the get-go that I should not do.  This princess … Continue reading

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