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12/21/2021 Update

How to start this post.  I had a post for October but never posted it.  Reason?   Family.  They do not like to hear or read about my life.  It is so wild that not too many people can handle it [sarcasm y’all].  Let me stick to health for this post.  With the holidays and traveling, … Continue reading

05/30/2021 Update

5/30/2021 Hello everyone!  Where has the time flown?  I have been keeping up with updates, but have not posted any.  Too much negative stuff for me to share.  In other words, I have not been a good patient.  I have been doing things I know from the get-go that I should not do.  This princess … Continue reading

09/14/2020 Update

  Time for an update?  How do I do this one?  Yep, I am a person whom believes in seeing the “good” in all things.  It is getting hard, let me tell ya.  I have done all sorts of things to put writing this post off.  Yep, tried to delay it with all sorts of … Continue reading

08/05/2020 Update

Can we talk “riding in a car”?  As I have shared before, I am trying to get a working bathroom in this new home.  [New to us that is. And yes, the bathroom is working but makes me have vertigo.]  I have tried the ordering on-line, which I despise, for all the stuff a bathroom … Continue reading

Celebration! & Update on my Celebration 09/2015 Revisited

After re-reading the two posts below I was struck with the thought that I was getting wise in my old age.  In the last four years I have reorganized my thinking. Yes, Tarlov Cyst Disease has taught me a few things.   I spend less time being ‘cautious’ about what I do.  Or, could I say, … Continue reading

02/24/2019 Update

Thursday 21st We had to travel back to North Carolina for a funeral today.  The road-gods were with us this time.  It really helped that it has been raining, none stop, for several days.  No road work.  Woot-woot!  Not knowing what this trip as going to be like, and considering that Tuesday and yesterday I … Continue reading

Sitting, Before and After 9/1/2015 Revisited

As I sit back and re-read the below post, I think I really enjoyed writing it.  As you read it you get to know my personality a bit.  Yep, I can be one sarcastic person, and fully enjoy being that way.  Sitting, Before and After   9/1/2015 Sitting is probably the most uncomfortable thing a person … Continue reading

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