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08/09/2020 Update

New word for today, Hyperalgesia”.   08/09/2020 When a blogger has nothing to do, or cannot do anything useful, she types up a post.  You are thinking that with this new home, maybe I should be doing something to improve it.  You would be right, but…… Since my last post not too much has changed.  Maybe … Continue reading

7/13/2020 Update

I need to do a health update with all that is going on.  I have cut back the number of posts since  beginning the task of the finding a new home and all that fun stuff.  Surprising to me is that I have held up to the change in routine and the extra physical challenges.  … Continue reading

September is Chronic Pain Month for all With Tarlov Cysts

September is Chronic Pain Awareness month.  So, I am going to give you a bit of reality about life with pain.  Now this post is not to make you feel sorry for me, it is just a reality check for those who do not have to deal with the issue.  To let you know, there … Continue reading

Tarlov Cyst Experiment? An Open Letter to Other Rare Patients

Tarlov Cyst Experiment?   An Open Letter to other Rare Patients 6/4/2019 As I finally am able to sit outside without baking, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for.  First, and it may seem weird, is that the neighbor’s dogs are not barking non-stop.  They are trying to get the tiny one outside … Continue reading

06/16/2019 Update

Y’all, Help!  I am so nervous I am giving myself a headache.  We head out, in the morning, for Dallas.  It has been 4 and half years since I have been in that town.  I so know I did not have this much anxiety over my first consult or even surgery.  I had no clue … Continue reading

06/12/2019 Update

6/9/2019 It is once again getting close to 2 AM and no sleep.  It has rained now for three days straight.  The first night those fool neighbors left that poor dog outside in the mess.  Needless to say it cried all night until one of them came home at 4 AM.  But gladly they have … Continue reading

05/16/2019 Update

05/16/2019 Yay me!  I finally got a new written review of my last MRI.  The first report was not compared to any of my past ones.  Can I say this one thing?  Radiologists tend to be a bit lazy.  I am not talking about those doing the technical part of getting you on a table. … Continue reading

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