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01/24/2022 Update


Time for an update.  I am finally over all the traveling throughout the holidays. Finally, I was able to get an appointment with the local Neurology office.   My primary doctor, ie family  doctor, finally found one that would see me.  Note how I worded that; “would see me”. So, I patiently waited until last week.  May I say I was pleasantly surprised at how meticulously  the doctor examined me.  But it helped that I was prepared for the exam, in that I carried all my old MRI’s and their reports.  People, keep those records and make sure you have image copies.  Learn what is on your images;  most doctors are happy to explain them to you.   Notice I said “most”.  There are a few who have no more clue of what they are looking at as you do.   

There were several things that surprised me.  Lots of things I knew were going on with this glorious body.  The Scoliosis is changing.  My right side of the body is sloping another inch.  I have two curves in the spine.  So, I knew the right hip was a good inch lower and the same for the right shoulder.  Well, she showed me that I am now at least two or more inches lower in the hip area.  This girl can not afford to get much shorter.  I used to stretch to a full 5 feet and 1.5 inches when measured…. Now?  Don’t come at me with a measuring tape. 

She then also affirmed I had nerve damage down my legs.  If you have ever had the ‘tuning fork’ test then you will know what I am talking about.  She used my arms and hands as a base area for testing.  Yep, I could feel the hum when she banged it, and yes, I could feel the coldness when it was placed against the skin on the hands and arms.  She starts with the feet.  I could feel everything, but the left foot was not as cold.  Then she travels up the legs and I could tell a difference in the temp and the vibration was different.  She would give the thing a bang and put it on my legs and after I told her it stopped, she would place it on my arm or hand.  That thing was still going!  Then she was close to my knee on my right side and you guessed it.  I could not feel it!  Not the temp, not the vibration.  Even when I was looking directly at it!  Can I say that was so weird? My brain said I should feel it, but my nerves said no way.  They were not cooperating.  Just thinking about it still creeps me out.   

The conclusion of the visit was that I needed the four main areas of the spine and brain re-MRI’d.  And if I could tolerate it, a nerve study done on my right side.  She gave me permission to tell the techs to stop the test if I could not handle it.  She also suggested more water therapy, and maybe some massage therapy.  She seemed concerned with the muscles that were spasming as she walked her fingers down my spine.  She asked me if I could feel them jerking.  I said, ‘nope ‘cause I hurt too much in the whole of the spine’.  And that I try ignoring anything the muscles and nerves do.   She also asked what I wanted from her as a physician.  I knew she was asking if I wanted to try pain meds, even after she said I can’t tolerate most of the meds out there .   I told her that I just needed to know what the body was doing; what measures (not drug wise) I could take; and a plan for the future when we figure out if there is another disease riddling my brain and spine.  Note, I am not sharing everything about the visit since I do not have a formal diagnosis.

Something else I noticed about the visit, was my emotional reaction.  Not only was I physically wired with exhaustion, but the emotions were all over the place.  Nothing like depression.  More like being wired.  I talked excessively; I may have even laughed inappropriately.  I could not wait to share the visit with everyone.  Even those that I knew would be less than impressed much less give a flip, but I did anyway.  Sorry to bore them, not.   I think my emotional state was due to the fact the doctor took her time and really listened to me.  Not once did she suggest depression, not once did she dismiss me, not once did she try to persuade me to use a med.  I mean, how many of you have spent a full hour talking to a doctor? 

So, to close this update, I will tell you more after all the MRI’s.  The first is at the end of the week.  And we will attempt to do two that day.  


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