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8/30/2021 Update


So…. Once again I forgot to hit publish. Since this is the update for August I will have two posts coming out within hours of each other. Sorry.   So let me share what I have been up to besides having a bad attitude. 

My son is (was) moving back to the area.  Something I try not to share is information on my children.  Oh, I am a proud Momma, but they have their lives, and if they give me permission, I share something about them.  Ummm,  he doesn’t read the blog so I am free to share all I want to about him, that’ll teach him.  Well, he has tendencies to over think or get over whelmed.  High IQ’s can do that to some people.  So, when he received the ‘your hired’ from the place he was trying to work for, he asked for help.  Him asking for ‘help’ is a giant step.  I would call him a “man’s man”.  You know the type.  Do it yourself, never let anyone know you need help, and so on.     

Then add that I was given a gift of a bread making class from my daughter, I had to rearrange my plans.  Those plans you ask.  Well, they were to work on an herb bed, go to West Virginia for a reunion (if I could find a chauffeur), put up some veggies from the garden and find a small project to complete for the house.  This girl can not sit idle.  I can, but it makes me feel unproductive as a person. 

The reunion I was planning on going to attend was not possible, but I chose a different one.  Therefore, I talked the daughter into playing chauffeur and taking me to West Virginia.  My family knows how to do reunions, let me say.  There could be 4 to 6 each summer, if I could stand the driving [riding].  I knew that food for the weekend would be damning to my body and that meant I had to fix something I could semi-freeze to make the trip in a cooler for 10 hours of car time.  I spent several days driving myself to the stores and then on my feet for hours trying to do some small canning and freezing of the garden rewards.  All the while trying to bake two types of brownies [gluten free and the normal poison ones].  Then I had to do a lot of standing to do the butternut, grains, and meat for the casserole.  By the time I was ready to make the trip I was ready for the back of a car.  The son in law decided to drive the huge diesel truck up there.  Oh, that thing had room to stretch out in, but I had a bruise on my hip and back by the time we made it to WV.  Don’t tell him, but that was one rough ride.  Then as soon as we got back, I had to help the son find a place to live.  That was fun, not.  Mind you my normal chauffeur was enjoying life with his sister and doing two weeks traveling to the mid-west.  So, it was me driving myself. 

Thus, when the call came that help was needed to get a house in order and moved, I went into ‘helper’ mode.  The husband, finally back from his trip, did driving and I camped out in the back of the SUV.  Off to another state and sleeping on a couch until it was loaded on a truck.  One of my discomfort triggers is using ladders or step stools,  but I could not ask the other two to stop what they were doing just to help me.  I ended up doing a lot of stretching above my head and using said stools.  There were a lot of breaks given to everyone in the house.  Then I made the mistake of getting in the floor and packing some kitchen items.  Oh, a floor is no problem until you decide to get up.  Over all, the packing went smoothly.  The meals were a different thing.  I did a lot of gluten cheating.  After two days we were headed back to our home and I was forced to use the front seat.  We had a precious passenger that took the whole of the back seat.  Our grand puppy was riding on my bed.  About an hour into the drive back I was ready to share with her.  But I was considerate, considering she may weigh as much as me and that backseat would not have been big enough for the both of us.  I was never so glad to see my own bed that night. 

All this comes down to is two things.  I over did things and I cheated with my meals to make life easier on everyone.  What am I saying?  Well, since surgery I now know the things that will set my body up to hating me.  Unclean food, and doing physical things it does not like.  The physical movement on the hips and tailbone area around the surgery site, if done with no regard, can set the Tarlov Cysts into overdrive.  For those confused, the Cysts are still there, but they are cocooned in a material that hopefully keeps them from filling with spinal fluid.  Overdoing things physically can cause the spinal fluid to get active more than normal and that can cause issues with the lovely nerves.  Then eating gluten causes inflammation to this body, both digestively and around the Cysts.  I can get a knot of fluid about the size of a small egg on one side. 

Then for my “fun,” I had things to do in my garden.  Part of the garden is in raised beds, part on the ground.  Fall planting is upon us and that meant yanking some of the spring plants out and setting other ones.  That meant falling on my face in the beans as I was stretching.  That meant using a tool that aerates the soil and can give it a gentle turn to remove weeds or even to pull the dead plants out.  Don’t ask me what the thing is called but it works.  Now, that tool does require using the whole body.  You have to drop it on the ground, put your foot in the slot to press it down, then give it a twist and wa-la, the dirt is loose.  Did you figure out the action that my body doesn’t like?  It is the stepping action.  The tool only covers maybe six inches at a time.  I used it for an area of 2 feet by 6 feet.  Add the bending and squatting to pull up roots.  When I was putting my peas and turnip seeds in the grounds I was on my knees.  No more bending for the next few days. 

Finally, I got the bright idea I wanted “German” for dinner yesterday.  The closest restaurant is almost two hours away.  Did that stop me?  Heck no.  By the time we pulled into the driveway last night I went straight to bed and have spent that time wisely.  Yep, I took one of my meds and thank goodness it gave me mindless sleep.  And now I have taken another to hopefully dull some of the discomfort.  Therefore, crackers and the keyboard are my friends. 

Gosh, after re-reading the above, I am even confused on my timeline.  All I can say is August was a busy month for me.  But it is not finished. 



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