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12/13/2020 Update

12/13/2020 Update never published! So I am doing this one over two and a half months late and with no editing.

Guilty!  I just published my Update from a month ago.  Why?  After re-reading it I accepted that it was not too negative.  But this one?  It just might get on the dark side before it is finished.  I made it thru the United States’ Thanksgiving fairly easy.  My two angels helped in the kitchen.  I even had the tree up and ready for it’s ornaments.  But the said décor was still in the storage unit that is way down the road.  The next day, after the meal was over and everyone traveled back to their homes, I made that trip.  Um, it took three trips to get the boxes, not that I have a bunch of Christmas décor, it is fragile and I supper pack it to survive another year.   I can say it took just two full weeks to get everything the way I wanted.  Usually, I can do it in a week.  Oh, and I think there is another box in that unit that has Christmas in it. 

With the issues with the trip to West Virginia and then getting fed up with the moving boxes not being able to be fully unpacked, I made an executive decision.  That was to take boxes back to the storage facility each time I brought new ones with the décor.  You would think after 6 months a girl could get her stuff unpacked.   But this house keeps throwing us arrows of trials.  Now that it has turned cold, we are finding every bit of air flow which resulted in another executive decision.  Get the centurion insulated!  So here I am with my décor out and I get to spend tomorrow covering everything up when the crew comes in to install.  Only one ceiling has sheetrock on it.  [That room is going to be pack with a lot of stuff!]   The rest is what they call bead board.  So, every time the gentlemen have walked up in the attic, yucky stuff [where the dust, leaves, and some unidentifiable things have made their home for years], decides to find it’s way down.  I jokingly told one couple that you needed an umbrella to sit on the couch.  But heck, we will hopefully have that taken care of by the end of the week.  But wait! It gets better!  My mother decided to break her ankle. 

Yep, she did not just dislocate it, she went in for a metal.  Pins and screws for her.  I will be making another trip to West Virginia to give the siblings a few days break with helping care for her.  Knowing how I am getting along since the last trip; I decided a trip to the doctor was important.  I am going to have to take meds to tolerate the drive up there.  Add I have to be prepared in case I do something wrong with helping her.  I came away with three scripts.    And let me tell you getting those scripts filled was a war.  First the pharmacy did not carry one of the meds, but should have it in three days.  We go back on third day and the lady had no clue if the meds came in her overnight fulfillment.  So, we go do another chore, and that is when I notice that the muscle relaxer was the wrong one.   I called the pharmacy to verify that what I was holding in my hand was not generic for what I needed.  Nope, the doctor sent the wrong one.  25 dollars down the drain.  I could put the pills in the pharmacy disposal area if I wanted to, but no turning them back in.  We kept at the chores we were trying to take care of.  Then I head back to the pharmacy and called to let them know I was coming back in.  Do you know, three hours later, she still had not checked the overnight boxes!   Hence,  we sat outside and waited on her to fill the other script the doctor had to re-call in.  Then she gives me back my script and tells me to drive a half mile down the road to a different pharmacy, they had the med and always has it in stock.  By the time all this drama from getting the meds, I told my husband that I did not think just one bottle of wine would help me then. 

Now while I am away to stay with the mother there will be no internet.  Not even a neighbor I could “borrow” off of.  I do want to let my readers  know that I will try to do small updates and when I am back to civilization, I will post them.  I was worried that I would go down a dark hole here on the blog.  My mood is dark right now.  I am not use to being this way during the holidays.  Stress is the main reason, but not finding any relief in the last two months does not help.  Having to yell for help when your body decides it has had enough and won’t let you take another step,  kinda makes you mad.  You get mad at yourself, at your body, and at all those people that expect too much from you.  Then you go back to being mad at yourself because you keep it all to yourself. 

So, my fellow Tarlov’ers, don’t do as I do!  Stop before your body makes you stop.  Love your body, you really need it.  This tidbit is also for all you that have intractable pain.  

Rest and have your selves a Merry Christmas.  Remember the birth of the Messiah and may His star shine on you. 


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