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12/21/2021 Update

How to start this post.  I had a post for October but never posted it.  Reason?   Family.  They do not like to hear or read about my life.  It is so wild that not too many people can handle it [sarcasm y’all]. 

Let me stick to health for this post.  With the holidays and traveling, let’s just say it is going down hill fast.  Last weekend I headed to North Carolina for a five-hour drive.  I drugged myself and tried sleeping most of the time.  But by the time the hips were wore out we stopped and I roamed an outlet center.  That was rather boring.  At least I was able to stretch the legs and slow some humming down.  If you are new to the blog the “humming” means the nerves were active. 

To set the stage, let me share what I did to myself just two weeks before.  I fell on my rear.  A total no-no.  I was squatting to help decorate a gingerbread house and my prize was a very sharp bee sting in that unmentionable area of the body.  That sting caused me to jerk and try to rearrange my body, which I did not do gracefully.  I tried to not pull the house down or squirt icing all over the people around me.  That resulted in having no place to put my hands to support me.  Thus, down on the rear at a backward angle I went.  And for my reward for thinking of others, I now have a funny vibration in my pelvic area.  This has been going on for three weeks.  Let me share, ever so sweetly, that when you are trying to go to sleep and you have a constant hum, no matter how you lay, your mind seems to get absorbed with that weird feeling.  Yep, you guessed it, no sleep.

Now, back to North Carolina.  I did something stupid.  I did not say, “no”.  The in-laws and husband wanted to visit with some of the elderly family every day.  That means living in the car or on someone’s couch for two days straight.  My body still has not accepted that I might need to sit for hours and hours.  I am use to moving constantly.  I try to keep the body moving so it does not lock up or scream at me.  I get very weak from sitting.  I am getting “old” or it seems to be happening.  My ligaments in the feet lock up, my joints are always burning, and not changing positions often just aggravates it all.

Then add that all that visiting meant eating in restaurants.  That means being exposed to hidden gluten, canola oil, and what other poisons restaurants serve.  That means I have a rather large swollen place at my surgery site.  Lately this area is tending to burn when the fluid starts building up.  Which also means that clothing is a bother. 

Since getting back home I have added to the meds I took just to survive all the sitting.  I took meds as soon as I could get something in my tummy and went to bed.  Today I have had to continue the meds.  My tummy and center of balance hate those meds.  Yep, I have to take something to slow the nausea down.  Fun stuff, taking a med that will make you sick but only give you a minor amount of relief from the discomfort.  Add to the fact that our clothing dryer is being stubborn and trying to die on me.  I had to use the clothes line in 40-degree [F] weather.  That would not have been too bad if my legs were cooperating, and if I did not have to go up and down a small set of steps each time I took a load out.   So, I had a minor meltdown outside in that cold temperature.  Not my finest hour, but sometimes we just need to cry. 

I will have a whole week until the need to travel to West Virginia.  I am thinking this may be my last Holiday trip for a few years.   It is simply too hard on me to do that traveling and have a Christmas of my own with my children.  At one time we were traveling to the other members of the family’s homes to share the season, but they decided they didn’t like doing that.  I am eight to ten hours from them,  so my opinion didn’t count.  It seemed to be too hard on them to travel, but I am expected to travel.  I must be confused.  Also, when traveling to West Virginia I never get to spend my children’s birthdays with them.  Sounds like I am complaining, doesn’t it?   Not really, but we all need to think of our selves sometimes.  If that means saying “no,” then we have to do it.  I have never used my children as an excuse to not travel, but if I think of it all as a total, then I will have to learn to say “no”. 

On the bright side,  all that visiting I did with my family-doctor’s office [in October/November] has resulted in them finding a neurologist that is willing to see me.  I have to wait until January for the visit, but heck, they are willing. 

I want to share a ‘funny’.  I have been experiencing a problem with my taste buds.  My favorite fruits have a perfume taste to them, even chocolate.  Man, who wants the flavor of chocolate to be off?  Not me, it is so disappointing.  Then add that water smells like rotten pecans. You guessed it!  Sometime in April I contracted Covid.  Not a symptom one, and I did not pass from it.  My doctor convinced me to have the antibody test and this girl tested positive.  So now my fudge and candy making is quite iffy.  I think everything tastes off, but my angel son told me he liked the fudge.  I had wanted to make little breads but am too scared unless they taste bad.  Who wants to give away food you have no idea if it is good?  And who knew water had a smell; not a good smell, but it smells.  Flushing the toilet, doing dishes, and doing a lot of loads of laundry.  I have enough of Rotten Pecan A La perfume.

For each of my readers I want to wish you the blessings of this season.  May Santa be good to you!  May you stay healthy!  May each have love in abundance!


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