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#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 11

Something that I was not going to put on my posts yet is what happened this morning, those 4 hour sleeping periods get to be short sometimes, so I can easily doze back off.  Well, mother nature decided I had slept long enough and woke me.  I am glad I woke when I did, but sure wish it had been sooner.  My pillow that keeps me off my tummy was not under me.  So, you guessed it, I was face planted in my memory foam pillow.  That is not so bad in itself, it does not smother me.  But add that the rest of me was facing the mattress and my neck in an awkward position, this chick was in trouble.  Thus, my thankful for today is ‘someone was in the house and heard my call for help’. 

Yes, that need for help makes me glad and thankful I do not live alone.  Because if he were not here with me, I do not know how I would have moved.  I literally could not move my own body.  I could yell but not move.  I think he is going to have to go with me to take lessons on how to move a person’s body.  It is a scene from a comedy for me to try to get him to understand what I need to get him to do.  I would laugh if it didn’t hurt so bad.  The right side was numb, yep, going to the dentist numb.  My neck was on fire and each brain cell, if I have any, was lit up.  I could not even feel the inside of my mouth.  I still cannot taste my coffee.  I can not feel the keyboard with my right hand and am pushing each key two times just to type this.  If I do not do spell check you would get to see how useless this right side has become.

Here are two older posts, enjoy.

06/04/2016 Update

10/06/2017 to 10/10/2017 Update

  • I have so many thoughts on ‘cost’ and all it entails,  that I could fill a blog up with them. Since I am not good at explaining my shopping, expenses, and what goes into the thought process you are in luck! As we contemplate the “costs” I want you to first think of the post, “Value of Better Health”.  [ Value of Better Health – Lifestyle Change ]  Hopefully, that post reinforced to you that your health is worth any cost.  Including the items you put into your body; their expense is minor to the loss of well-being and productivity. Second, decide which foods you are going to drop from your pantry and eating.  Make a plan for how you are going to approach the change in your lifestyle eating and follow through.  Will it be just gluten, or white sugars?  Will it be gluten and non-organic fresh vegetables?  I chose white sugar and gluten, then progressed to organics and dairy; then nitrite free meat, and we are now working on making sure everything has a non-GMO symbol on the products. Your “plan” is important in that it will determine how you compare your new shopping for the clean foods. Third, to help you better understand the comparable financial costs;  before your first shopping trip, grab several old grocery slips and break them down into what was spent.  That breakdown should be of the items you will drop and no longer buy.  Also, your breakdown should take into account the number of servings you were able to eat from each item. This amount is the amount you will be using to counterbalance your cost of the premium groceries.  If you are not  like me and save receipts, keep a tablet with you as you start the new shopping.  Jot down the prices and serving sizes of what you were buying in the past when you traverse your store. Below is a chart that may help you.  The first part is an example of one of my trips before and the second part is after dropping the dairy, cereal, and gluten.  Take into account that our family is just two people.  Please don’t think we starve in this family.  Also, this does not reflect the complete grocery purchases. After your first few grocery trips for the clean eating, do the same break down of items.  Notice there was no cereal, milk, nor bread purchased. But understand that the next few shopping trips I will not be spending money on the starch sides.   [“starch” is the term I use to express the non-vegetable sides we have at each meal.] Take this outlay of new foods subtract out the expense of your old shopping to see the difference of the new groceries.  You will not have a true view of the amounts with just one slip.  You will need to look at an extended period of time with numerous shopping trips, -- that is until you have re-stocked your pantry. Yes, the new shopping is costlier but does the  ‘value of better health’ not balance out the minor differences? My next post will go into detail about several items I switched and how the cost changes helped educate me in my spending.  I had gotten lazy in paying attention to what I was putting into my cart.  This laziness woke me to the difference in prices and the value received in those prices.
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