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#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 30

As my final post on this series of #ChronicallyIllAndThankful  I consider being alive as something to be grateful for .  Yes,  life is not all fun, but I have managed to not have to resort to the other alternative.  I honestly wondered, before my surgery, if I would have to resort to getting help ending … Continue reading

A Shout, Bellow, Murmur for Suicide

In the post,  Chronic Pain Suicide [ Chronic Pain and Suicide ], I promised to explain the words I used in the first sentence.  “a shout, bellow, murmur” Yes, I chose those words purposely.   It saddens me that you never hear an outcry for the simple person, much less for the chronic pain individual.  Just because … Continue reading

Chronic Pain and Suicide

There is such a shout, bellow, murmur in our society about the subject right now.  [There will be a post later explaining my choice of words.]   Lately so many people who  ‘have everything to live for’  have been going this route.  Why?  Each that have chosen this path will have an answer.  How-be-it, they … Continue reading

18 Months Emotional Recovery

I have almost reached my 18 month anniversary from the surgery.  I can tell you life is getting better.  Oh, so much better than the months before the surgery. If I look at my recovery, I have to think of it in two separate theaters of life.  The physical and the emotional.   Also, I have … Continue reading

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