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08/29/2018 Update

August 29, 2018

It has been 2 weeks since I posted an Update.  Why, because I didn’t want to talk about me.

During that time, I hosted an essential oils class and had a blast.  I love hosting little get togethers.  My daughter has decided to get more involved with the oils, so technically she was the one hosting.  Then that same weekend we  went to West Virginia for a family reunion.  Therefore, you know that meant many hours in the car.  First, we left and stopped at my sister’s home for the night.  I told her that when she moves my B&B moves with her, where else  am I going to stop to rest?  Then the next morning I was back in the car for what should have been four more hours.

We had to make several pit stops along the way.  On the way to my sister’s we stopped three times, I think.  I was pretty well medicined up.  So, it could have been four.  Then the next morning we stopped two or three times.  Again, unsure.  But I do remember the road work having the interstate down to one lane several miles before the tunnels.  Stop and go!

Here is a rant!  If people have started getting in line on an interstate and you decide to drive past them hoping to get in the front of the line, may you have a flat tire!  Yep,  how rude!  I am one of those drivers who will get right beside a tractor-trailer and ride as slow as he does to let the line thin out.  Not my husband, he is the ultra-polite driver.  No matter how sore or in pain I am he gets in that line and just sits.  I am in tears and watching the other rude drivers just roll right on by.  So, the next time you decide to do the rude thing and pull out of line or just simply ignore the line has started, think of a person that you are causing pain.  Rant over.

Anyway, the extra time in the car cost me.  I could not enjoy myself at all.  The next day was Sunday and I stayed in bed.  That evening my mom’s church was having guest singers, so I got dressed and went.  After the service I was using the cruise control, but don’t tell her.  The next morning, she decided she needed to clean out her freezer.  She had so much ice in that thing we were using a heavy-duty screw driver to chip away at it.  But I was not going to leave it to her to do by herself.  I could just see her spilling a tub of ice all over her wooden floors.

When we finally hit the road to come home, I sat in the front seat for a few minutes.  We were on the Turnpike in West Virginia and God decided my car needed a bath.  When my husband found a decent place to pull over I crawled over the seats and snuggled in my nest.  Drugs taken, and sleep started.  We had not gotten half way to my sister’s house and had to stop for dinner.  I looked like I lived in my car.  The rain made going 70 impossible for so long that I know the husband needed a break and I needed to move around a while.  Then it was hemp oil and the back seat again.  Finally, my sister’s house for the night.  The next morning was easier but I was back-seating it again.  I need to coin a term for riding in my nest.

After returning to my own home, I have just been busy doing nothing.  My bed, Cleopatra sitting, swinging on the deck, and a little laundry.  That is it, for this chick.  Well, not all.  I did embark on a grocery trip by myself with no chauffeur.  I will not tell you I just skimmed the store.  I will not admit to defeat.  I  did go for a ride to a tourist-trap town with the daughter and our chauffeurs.  Now today I thought I could handle some roaming in antique malls.  Wrong!  I got dizzy!  You know the head swimming and the vision going grey.  Scary!  So we went to one of those places that serve breakfast food 24 hours.  We were the only customers.  [made famous in Georgia!]  Now I am too scared to get off my bed.   After getting home that is where I went and each time I move I get dizzy again.  No, it is not vertigo; I have had that before, this is black-out dizzy.

So now you know why I am typing an Update.  I am bored.  I played a game for children which I downloaded two days ago and still can’t figure out how to play it.  Bet if a seven-year-old was around he could tell me.  Anyway, I am using the pain levels being too much as my excuse for not being able to understand the jest of the game.

Hopefully, I won’t be continuing this later tonight.

Well that wish flew out a window.  It is now 5:38 AM, on the 30th.  Not a bit of sleep!  I would doze then get frustrated that I could not go completely asleep.  But the head is now heavy and I am in what I call the echo zone. That is when noises seem to echo back at you because you are so tired.  It is also where I start seeing things shoot across my vision that are not there. My eyes move but the brain is working like it is an old film projector.  I just ate my breakfast so hopefully the full belly will lull me to dream land soon.  Heck, I am going to post this and then wait until I get my zzzzzz’s to reread it.  Never know what it will read like. 


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