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08/05/2020 Update

Can we talk “riding in a car”?  As I have shared before, I am trying to get a working bathroom in this new home.  [New to us that is. And yes, the bathroom is working but makes me have vertigo.]  I have tried the ordering on-line, which I despise, for all the stuff a bathroom … Continue reading

I Quit!

I quit! Oooo, I got your attention.  No, I am not quitting the posting to this blog.  What I quit is ‘today’.  The decision has finally been made to get me out of this two story home.  Anyone want to buy one?   Can you believe that my daughter suggested very strongly that her dad get … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Cracker Barrel, Commerce GA

Restaurant Review – Cracker Barrel, Commerce GA Y’all, with all the traveling we do, (you know going to see my mother in WV) we can stop at two Cracker Barrels in one trip.  You can find these on just about every exit ramp off any interstate in the east.  You can get breakfast all day … Continue reading

06/12/2019 Update

6/9/2019 It is once again getting close to 2 AM and no sleep.  It has rained now for three days straight.  The first night those fool neighbors left that poor dog outside in the mess.  Needless to say it cried all night until one of them came home at 4 AM.  But gladly they have … Continue reading

02/16/2019 Update

Y’all, I have not given you a current update for a few days.  Let me share what I decided to do.  My siblings each have some form of back ‘issues’.  Our mom is in her 80s and doing 100% better than her children.  I really do not think she can grasp that concept.  I have … Continue reading

Sitting, Before and After 9/1/2015 Revisited

As I sit back and re-read the below post, I think I really enjoyed writing it.  As you read it you get to know my personality a bit.  Yep, I can be one sarcastic person, and fully enjoy being that way.  Sitting, Before and After   9/1/2015 Sitting is probably the most uncomfortable thing a person … Continue reading

August 23 & 25, 2015 Revisited

I will be revisiting some of my posts that were published during my first year of blogging, 2015.  So here is the first one and below it I will give you my thoughts or what might have changed.  This, I hope, will be interesting to you, I know I will be wondering as I copy … Continue reading

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