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06/16/2019 Update

Y’all, Help!  I am so nervous I am giving myself a headache.  We head out, in the morning, for Dallas.  It has been 4 and half years since I have been in that town.  I so know I did not have this much anxiety over my first consult or even surgery.  I had no clue … Continue reading

5/23/2019 Update

5/23/2019 It has been a long time since I have really written any negative thoughts about this illness.  Tarlov Cysts are not something a lot of doctors are informed about, thus there is not a lot of understanding.  Radiologist seem to be noting them more often then they would have 20 years ago, but that … Continue reading

05/16/2019 Update

05/16/2019 Yay me!  I finally got a new written review of my last MRI.  The first report was not compared to any of my past ones.  Can I say this one thing?  Radiologists tend to be a bit lazy.  I am not talking about those doing the technical part of getting you on a table. … Continue reading

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