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07/21/2020 Update

07/20/2020 Update Triggers to discomfort is an important thing to learn for our bodies and mental distress.  With Tarlov Cysts you will find that simple, everyday actions can set you back a few days.  It is learning those activities and how you choose to deal with it/them.  Let’s share some examples. Since my cysts are … Continue reading

7/13/2020 Update

I need to do a health update with all that is going on.  I have cut back the number of posts since  beginning the task of the finding a new home and all that fun stuff.  Surprising to me is that I have held up to the change in routine and the extra physical challenges.  … Continue reading

10/22/2019 Update, Funerals

For an update, this one will cover emotions.  As we get older, we seem to go to a lot of funerals.  Or maybe as we get older time shortens on us.  Some funerals are sobering, some are celebrations, and some are just duties.  I believe in formality and tradition in life.  Being and doing things … Continue reading

10/12/2019 Update

10.12.2019 Wow, a quick up date since I told you that I do not update too often.  Isn’t it funny how things work out?  I saw that our state fair was going on and it had been since forever that I have gone.  I have been wanting to for a few years, but I have … Continue reading

9/22/2019 Update

9/22/2019 Update So, the last few days have been eventful.  I had my grand pup to stay a few days while her mom went on a honeymoon.  That pup knows whose home to stay at.  She gets to eat human food, and since this human tries to eat clean, it sure beats that stuff the … Continue reading

06/01/2019 Update, Pool Life

5/27/2019 I have sat here just staring at the blank screen trying to figure out how to share today, or even if I have the fortitude to do so.  I had a lovely Memorial Day.  I went to my daughter’s home and we headed to her pool.  The weather has been exceptionally hot, so the … Continue reading

04/18/2018 Update

04/17/2018 I started this post sitting in the Imaging Center.  Just getting there was not fun.  Every divot in the road and every bump was felt from my rear to my brain.   Even the turns were hard to take.  I woke around 5 am this morning with a head ache and of course on my … Continue reading

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