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Rare Disease and Train Wrecks

Let’s talk about having a rare disease and people that are train wrecks.  Heck, even I have been a train wreck during this new life.  So, everything I am typing does, and did, pertain to me. When we sit on our front porch and watch a train go by, we first hear the warning signal.  … Continue reading

10/06/2019 Update

I hope my readers understand that this blog is not a daily, or even weekly, blog where I just put something out into the web world to be read.  As life has become a normal routine of living with my new normal, then there are times that I feel there is no need to put … Continue reading

5/26/2019 Self!

Usually I try to keep from addressing my faith and not putting it in ‘your face’; but  I want to address a comment given to me about my opinions of Jōb.  The comment was, (not a quote), “if your god is so great why doesn’t he tell you why you are given pain?”   Well, that … Continue reading

More Thoughts on Jōb, Unicorns, and Sea Dragons

Let me continue my post on Jōb being a great-grand-father way back when.  [ Was Jōb One of My Grandfathers? ]  I do not do any of that genealogy mess out there.  No one needs to know what evil person has been in my family history.  With the way our government is going they may very … Continue reading

Was Jōb One of My Grandfathers?

Was Jōb One of My Grandfathers? Since developing [maybe not the right word, but I am going with it] this disease I have turned to the book of Jōb in the Bible.  One might ask why?  Well, each of us, that has had our body seemingly turn against us, will understand some of the suffering … Continue reading

MIA – Update with April

Just a quick post to let you know that I have not stopped posting.  So what am I up to?  Something I did two years ago.  I am, at this time, going through some very unproductive days.  I am tackling a flare up of issues and I am trying to quit feeling sorry for myself. … Continue reading

Thoughts on Four Years and Recovery, Page 1

Wow! It has been four years since my Tarlov Cysts surgery!!!! I guess, since I skipped a three-year follow-up, I should do one this anniversary.  As you read this post, and the next, might I suggest you read the pages in the top menu.  There are several pages under the drop-down tags of  ‟Journey,”  ‟Recovery” … Continue reading

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