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Another Review on Cracker Barrel

Another Review on Cracker Barrel: Athens Georgia Once again, we were out shopping. People, if you plan these trips right you get a meal out and can come home rested. If the husband/chauffeur/bag carrier gets wind of what I just wrote he will have me out earlier. Anywho, we spent a few hours out and … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: The Falls

People, I promise I do not eat out as much as it seems.  Considering I will have more gifts for Christmas to shop for and several homes to visit, I will have several reviews in the queue to post.  This review is for a rather new place in which my daughter took me out to … Continue reading

Fudge? Anyone?

Fudge?  Any One? The weather has turned cold — way too early!  And what does it make this girl want to do?  Candy making!  No, — just fudge making.  I have used a recipe for years that I have loved.  Now, let me share my drama.  I have tried several batches since trying to stay … Continue reading

11/14/2019 thru 11/16/2019 Update

11/14/2019 I am happy to say that the last few weeks have been easy on this girl.  I have really been a little lazy.  I have gone thru one closet to see if I can downsize some things in it and hurrah, I have taken it down a box.  It has some of my Christmas … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Cracker Barrel, Commerce GA

Restaurant Review – Cracker Barrel, Commerce GA Y’all, with all the traveling we do, (you know going to see my mother in WV) we can stop at two Cracker Barrels in one trip.  You can find these on just about every exit ramp off any interstate in the east.  You can get breakfast all day … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Sage Mediterranean Grill

Restaurant Review – Sage Mediterranean Grill After a day of shopping with my daughter we decided to hit the Mediterranean restaurant on the road with the Mall.  Location is on Mall of Georgia Blvd in Buford, Georgia.  The history of this particular space is that it has always been Mediterranean style food.  It may be … Continue reading

Restaurant Reviews? Oh My!

This girl got to thinking.  Yes, I know that might not be such a good thing, but I hope my readers are receptive to the addition to the blog.  Here are my thoughts.  First, we all must eat, right?  Second, those of us whom are trying to eat healthy and with restrictions may not know … Continue reading

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