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08/05/2020 Update

Can we talk “riding in a car”?  As I have shared before, I am trying to get a working bathroom in this new home.  [New to us that is. And yes, the bathroom is working but makes me have vertigo.]  I have tried the ordering on-line, which I despise, for all the stuff a bathroom … Continue reading

04/08/2020 Update

04/08/2020 Update Well, I have been quiet on this blog for almost a full month.  Knowing that house buying and selling is stressful for anyone, I chose to stay away.  I want the blog to be about Tarlov Disease more than about me.  For that reason I have been silent.  But now I am in … Continue reading

02/21/2020 Update

Time for an update.  Yes, it is around 1 AM and I can’t sleep.  So what better to do than update what has been going on. As I posted before, we are looking for a new single-story home to move into.  Shock of all shocks, this home we are currently in sold in three days!  … Continue reading

06/01/2019 Update, Pool Life

5/27/2019 I have sat here just staring at the blank screen trying to figure out how to share today, or even if I have the fortitude to do so.  I had a lovely Memorial Day.  I went to my daughter’s home and we headed to her pool.  The weather has been exceptionally hot, so the … Continue reading

5/23/2019 Update

5/23/2019 It has been a long time since I have really written any negative thoughts about this illness.  Tarlov Cysts are not something a lot of doctors are informed about, thus there is not a lot of understanding.  Radiologist seem to be noting them more often then they would have 20 years ago, but that … Continue reading

04/02/2019 Update

Good Morning.  Yes, it is almost 3 AM and so far no sleep.  I tried sleeping but I must have eaten something with hidden gluten.  My lovely stomach is revolting.  But then again that gives me a chance to type out this wonderful update.  Can you tell the sarcasm bug has hit me? So, my … Continue reading

02/16/2019 Update

Y’all, I have not given you a current update for a few days.  Let me share what I decided to do.  My siblings each have some form of back ‘issues’.  Our mom is in her 80s and doing 100% better than her children.  I really do not think she can grasp that concept.  I have … Continue reading

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