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02/21/2020 Update

Time for an update.  Yes, it is around 1 AM and I can’t sleep.  So what better to do than update what has been going on. As I posted before, we are looking for a new single-story home to move into.  Shock of all shocks, this home we are currently in sold in three days!  … Continue reading

12/31/2019 Update

First, I wish to say a big “thank you” to all my readers who have stuck with me on this Tarlov Cyst journey! I haven’t posted during the holiday since I have been trying to do “things”.  Life has been a battle.  The husband spent a week in North Carolina in the busiest part of … Continue reading

11/14/2019 thru 11/16/2019 Update

11/14/2019 I am happy to say that the last few weeks have been easy on this girl.  I have really been a little lazy.  I have gone thru one closet to see if I can downsize some things in it and hurrah, I have taken it down a box.  It has some of my Christmas … Continue reading

10/22/2019 Update, Funerals

For an update, this one will cover emotions.  As we get older, we seem to go to a lot of funerals.  Or maybe as we get older time shortens on us.  Some funerals are sobering, some are celebrations, and some are just duties.  I believe in formality and tradition in life.  Being and doing things … Continue reading

September is Chronic Pain Month for all With Tarlov Cysts

September is Chronic Pain Awareness month.  So, I am going to give you a bit of reality about life with pain.  Now this post is not to make you feel sorry for me, it is just a reality check for those who do not have to deal with the issue.  To let you know, there … Continue reading

Acting Leads to Running Empty

08/09/2019 I know I have talked about deserving an Oscar for how I try to “act” normal.  If you see me daily, you would know when I just can’t play the “role”.  I have intentionally been silent on the blog for several reasons.  Some are reasons that are not about the Tarlov Cysts Disease so … Continue reading

07/18/2019 Update

7/8/2019 How to start this one?  Truth?  Or partial truth? I don’t want to scare any new comers to having Tarlov Cysts, so I will tone down the screaming and yelling I want to do.  I won’t break out the tissues or throw things,  I hope anyway I don’t. Let me share there is not … Continue reading

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