Aquagenic Pruritus

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10/06/2020 Update

I have been trying to put this update to the key board and every time I start to, I just break down.  It is not a post about “depression”, it is a post about “pain” and “anger”.  It is a post about “fear” mixed in. Saturday, I was on my bed playing a game on … Continue reading

08/05/2020 Update

Can we talk “riding in a car”?  As I have shared before, I am trying to get a working bathroom in this new home.  [New to us that is. And yes, the bathroom is working but makes me have vertigo.]  I have tried the ordering on-line, which I despise, for all the stuff a bathroom … Continue reading

02/21/2020 Update

Time for an update.  Yes, it is around 1 AM and I can’t sleep.  So what better to do than update what has been going on. As I posted before, we are looking for a new single-story home to move into.  Shock of all shocks, this home we are currently in sold in three days!  … Continue reading

Celebration! & Update on my Celebration 09/2015 Revisited

After re-reading the two posts below I was struck with the thought that I was getting wise in my old age.  In the last four years I have reorganized my thinking. Yes, Tarlov Cyst Disease has taught me a few things.   I spend less time being ‘cautious’ about what I do.  Or, could I say, … Continue reading

Daily Personal /Physical Goals

As I posted  Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness  I was struck that maybe I needed to go into more detail.  Maybe even give you a clue as to what I do to help with these 20 things that I have found helpful.  Remember that I am not a medical doctor nor … Continue reading

09/19/2018 Update

9/16/2018 12:30am The last couple days have been difficult for me.  I keep getting a headache and then tension acts up throughout my body.  I haven’t eaten as regular as I should, and I am thinking that I may have another food I cannot tolerate. My energy level is the pits.  Yep, right down with … Continue reading

08/11/2018 Update Mosquitoes and Independence

Do I seem to just post negatively?  Lordy, I hope not.  The honesty of this disease seems to be negative in nature. I have been battling a pulled muscle or something; I have no true idea because I am too stubborn to run to the doctors’ office.  Why should I!  I know what the hoops … Continue reading

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