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Shame on the Met! 

Ok, I read blogs! Yep, some make me roll the eyes, some make me wipe my eyes.  Here is one that hurt my soul! https://beautybeyondbones.com/2018/05/14/the-met-gala-catholic-imagination/#comment-83979 I can only add that even hours after reading it the hurt has not eased. A pray is sent up for souls that need the touch of God. 

Tarlov Cyst Awareness

I would be remiss not to share with my readers.

02/17/2018 Update

Well, I think that I can’t take too much of this.  I have a symptom that has popped up since the spring popped me. I had a small bruise below my scar, it has disappeared. But what worries me is — since the spring hit me, my bowels movements will turn dark.  The ortho doctor … Continue reading

01/30/2018 Update

It is time for an update, truly a little past time. Since Christmas has been over, I can now say I made it through the car rides to different states, the husband in the hospital, then again having to be the chauffeur for him.  I am thinking some of us are getting old.  As my … Continue reading

Seeking to Try SSD

OK, I am finally giving in and admitting my husband needs me to step up and see if I can get SS Disability.  We are in over our heads in debt.  We have loans for a child’s school, new car, dental work of course mortgage, and increasing medical cost. (something new popped up)  We refuse … Continue reading

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