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Empowering Actions to Combat

This post is a continuation of the post on  Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness …… Again I have to explain I am not a medical doctor nor am I suggesting you change what your are told by any medical professional. So, to continue on the with the post …. . Empowering … Continue reading

Daily Personal /Physical Goals

As I posted  Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness  I was struck that maybe I needed to go into more detail.  Maybe even give you a clue as to what I do to help with these 20 things that I have found helpful.  Remember that I am not a medical doctor nor … Continue reading

Mindfulness with Tarlov Cysts

Practice what ya̕ preach.  Mindfulness, positive reinforcement for yourself. Confession time.  I have been shocked to realize that I have not been keeping up with my own suggestions.  We all know I try never to use several words.  But in my head I don’t know how many times they have popped in.  Pain, hurt, on … Continue reading

Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness

Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness Daily Personal /Physical Goals 1      Rise from bed by 8 am each day.  Eat a full breakfast including a protein. 2      Shower each morning to wake yourself up.  You do not need to soap your whole body.  The water will wake your senses up. 3      Get … Continue reading

Average Normal Person?

As you know, I like to compare words.  Not “there”, “they’re”, or “their”, but “stress” or “depression”, “hope” or “wishes”, etc.  So, here is another set: “average” and “normal”. “Average” is a statistical or a mathematical term.  Or, as the common dictionary would say (to further confuse you): “a number to typify another set of … Continue reading

The Perfect Home Recovery Room

OK, each of us will need the perfect recovery room at home, sometime in our lifetime.  Now for women, it should  first and foremost come  with a shirtless male nurse;  second requirement, he needs to look fairly good.  Hey, you guys have H—ers, go there to recover.  Since the post about the post-op instructions ( Why … Continue reading

Why The Heck Are There Post-op Instructions?

Why Post-op Instructions? What in the world do you think the doctor or hospital gave you those things for? Are they just trying to slow your escape from that horrid place?  Are there any studies or research involved with them?  Are we paying attention to them?  In one ear and out the other? They are … Continue reading

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