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Celebration! & Update on my Celebration 09/2015 Revisited

After re-reading the two posts below I was struck with the thought that I was getting wise in my old age.  In the last four years I have reorganized my thinking. Yes, Tarlov Cyst Disease has taught me a few things.   I spend less time being ‘cautious’ about what I do.  Or, could I say, … Continue reading

Thoughts on Four Years and Recovery, Page 2

This is part two of my Four Year Recovery posts.  I repeated the first paragraph as an intro for you.  This one will cover more of my physical arena. I guess, since I skipped a three-year follow-up, I should do one this anniversary.  As you read this post, and the next, might I suggest you … Continue reading

12/05/2018 Update

11/30/2018 Today is the last day of the month. It has been a long month, and a month of mixed feelings. I had to go to a funeral before the Thanksgiving and that traveling was mild compared to several other trips I have made to West Virginia and back. I stayed drugged for the car … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 8

So for the day 8, #ChronicallyIllAndThankful post, I will go with mobility.  That is my physical mobility.  We all take simply walking, getting out of chairs, jumping out of the bed etc, as something we will always do.  So why has this disease caused me to be thankful for it?  (the disease)   It is those … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 7

My walker is something my Tarlov Cysts has given me.  Ok, I know you are thinking, ‘she is being sarcastic again and shame on her’.  But really I am not!  That walker has gotten me places.   I mean, who doesn’t want to go places? Since yesterday was election day and I knew I would be … Continue reading

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