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I Quit!

I quit! Oooo, I got your attention.  No, I am not quitting the posting to this blog.  What I quit is ‘today’.  The decision has finally been made to get me out of this two story home.  Anyone want to buy one?   Can you believe that my daughter suggested very strongly that her dad get … Continue reading

12/31/2019 Update

First, I wish to say a big “thank you” to all my readers who have stuck with me on this Tarlov Cyst journey! I haven’t posted during the holiday since I have been trying to do “things”.  Life has been a battle.  The husband spent a week in North Carolina in the busiest part of … Continue reading

10/22/2019 Update, Funerals

For an update, this one will cover emotions.  As we get older, we seem to go to a lot of funerals.  Or maybe as we get older time shortens on us.  Some funerals are sobering, some are celebrations, and some are just duties.  I believe in formality and tradition in life.  Being and doing things … Continue reading

Chronic vs Intractable Pain

I would like to cover the word “pain”.  It has four letters and is rather a small word for what it covers.  I have written about the different levels of pain, but here I want to talk about two very different labels given pain.  We have “chronic pain” and we have “intractable pain”.  [A fun … Continue reading

07/18/2019 Update

7/8/2019 How to start this one?  Truth?  Or partial truth? I don’t want to scare any new comers to having Tarlov Cysts, so I will tone down the screaming and yelling I want to do.  I won’t break out the tissues or throw things,  I hope anyway I don’t. Let me share there is not … Continue reading

06/28/2019 Update

Since my last update I made my trip to Dallas to see the specialist.  And I so apologize for not having posted this.  I will explain in my next post.    Let me tell you I hate trips.  Not the trip itself but the getting-there part.  I bought a mattress topper and cut it to … Continue reading

04/18/2018 Update

04/17/2018 I started this post sitting in the Imaging Center.  Just getting there was not fun.  Every divot in the road and every bump was felt from my rear to my brain.   Even the turns were hard to take.  I woke around 5 am this morning with a head ache and of course on my … Continue reading

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