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10/06/2019 Update

I hope my readers understand that this blog is not a daily, or even weekly, blog where I just put something out into the web world to be read.  As life has become a normal routine of living with my new normal, then there are times that I feel there is no need to put … Continue reading

9/22/2019 Update

9/22/2019 Update So, the last few days have been eventful.  I had my grand pup to stay a few days while her mom went on a honeymoon.  That pup knows whose home to stay at.  She gets to eat human food, and since this human tries to eat clean, it sure beats that stuff the … Continue reading

04/14/2019 Update

     Bet some of my readers thought I had lost it with my last post.  No, I did not go off the wall.  I had been hearing and reading comments on women choosing to stay at home.  And I whole heartily support those women more than I do those that choose working in the big … Continue reading

She-closets and Thoughts

I have read in posts, from a bunch of ‘professional’ bloggers, that each post should give your reader a “lesson” or a “take-away.” I hope you don’t expect me to do that for each post. Some of my posts are just to let you know I am ‘normal’ and human. Some will let you know … Continue reading

1/30/2019 Update, You Can’t Break That!

1/27/2019 Ok, I haven’t discussed that lifestyle change for a couple of posts.  I am happy to say that I am staying at 20 pounds down.  No, I did not do the eating change for weight loss.  That was just a nice bonus.  But, now I need new clothes, where the money will come from … Continue reading

How is the Lifestyle Change Going?

Since I have not posted in a while about the lifestyle change and my eating habits, let me catch ya up. I tried to watch what I put in this lovely mouth of mine.  Except for candy!  Tis the season for candy!  So, to have a snack everyone could scoop from, I made a nut … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 28

I am thankful for my kids not snarling their noses at the food I am trying to learn to cook.  Thanksgiving meal was full of firsts for me.  I made my first stuffing/dressing with Gluten free bread.  My pies had nut crusts and there were several other substitutes in them.  I learned how to make … Continue reading

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