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Choices or Reactions?

Choices are known as picking or deciding between two or more items, thoughts, or actions.  You could do this or that.  Pick this either that.  They are also the “options” that you can choose.  So, where all do we have “choices”?  It could be a perusal of a menu; heck, which restaurant to eat in.  … Continue reading

Thoughts on Four Years and Recovery, Page 1

Wow! It has been four years since my Tarlov Cysts surgery!!!! I guess, since I skipped a three-year follow-up, I should do one this anniversary.  As you read this post, and the next, might I suggest you read the pages in the top menu.  There are several pages under the drop-down tags of  ‟Journey,”  ‟Recovery” … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 30

As my final post on this series of #ChronicallyIllAndThankful  I consider being alive as something to be grateful for .  Yes,  life is not all fun, but I have managed to not have to resort to the other alternative.  I honestly wondered, before my surgery, if I would have to resort to getting help ending … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 29

Day 29 in the #ChronicallyIllAndThankful  series. As I wind down theses posts I need to tell you how thankful I am for finding support groups!  Just having other people who have a bum that gives them fits and being able to ‘talk’ with them about what they have tried helps scatter the loneliness.  They also … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 27

As a Blogger, that looks so funny typed, I need to add something for my readers in this #ChronicallyIllAndThankful series.   During this season I am so thankful for those that have read my blog, now for over three years.  Thank you for the comments both private and public.  Since I have shared my recovery … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 4

For this post on being grateful I will combine Empathy and Compassion.  All good souls should be able to feel these for, and with, other people.  So how did Tarlov Cyst Disease make me grateful for these?  Mainly because, like everyone else, I thought I displayed compassion and empathy quite well.  I thought that I … Continue reading

#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 3

Today is Day 3.  Today I chose being thankful for my stubborn-ness.  [I love to hyphenate that word, it makes you feel the word.]  Yep, stubborn-ness.  If I had not gotten mad at the doctors I was seeing, then I would not have researched my illness.  I would not have found out that there was … Continue reading

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