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Pain Tolerance Rant

Ok I really have to get something off my chest. My two gripes: When a doctor asks what your level of pain is and you answer.  Then someone will also suggest that you are a terrible person by making the comment that ‘your pain tolerance is low’.  [And isn’t it always said with a snide … Continue reading

Chronic vs Intractable Pain

I would like to cover the word “pain”.  It has four letters and is rather a small word for what it covers.  I have written about the different levels of pain, but here I want to talk about two very different labels given pain.  We have “chronic pain” and we have “intractable pain”.  [A fun … Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award, Writers Edition

Wow!!!  I was nominated for a blogging award.  I had no clue.  See, I am one of the bloggers that reads other blogs like a lifeline.  And I do read them top to bottom.  I take in what each writer says, I may cry or laugh, or even shake my head at their written word.  … Continue reading

More Thoughts on Jōb, Unicorns, and Sea Dragons

Let me continue my post on Jōb being a great-grand-father way back when.  [ Was Jōb One of My Grandfathers? ]  I do not do any of that genealogy mess out there.  No one needs to know what evil person has been in my family history.  With the way our government is going they may very … Continue reading

Was Jōb One of My Grandfathers?

Was Jōb One of My Grandfathers? Since developing [maybe not the right word, but I am going with it] this disease I have turned to the book of Jōb in the Bible.  One might ask why?  Well, each of us, that has had our body seemingly turn against us, will understand some of the suffering … Continue reading

How Much Was I Worth in the 1990’s

Well, y’all the yard sale is over.  Sure did not get rich this time.  Some of the stuff I had left my daughter just haul off to goodw—l.  When we lived in North Carolina I donated my stuff to a center that taught skills to people who may not have been able to work in … Continue reading

She-closets and Thoughts

I have read in posts, from a bunch of ‘professional’ bloggers, that each post should give your reader a “lesson” or a “take-away.” I hope you don’t expect me to do that for each post. Some of my posts are just to let you know I am ‘normal’ and human. Some will let you know … Continue reading

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