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09/14/2020 Update


Time for an update?  How do I do this one?  Yep, I am a person whom believes in seeing the “good” in all things.  It is getting hard, let me tell ya.  I have done all sorts of things to put writing this post off.  Yep, tried to delay it with all sorts of things.  I started another raised garden bed; I dried onions; I baby-sat the grand-pup; I even went and looked for paint.  This girl is and has been very angry at her body for the last week or so.

We are still at this bathroom remodel/build.  These men are the slowest group of people I have ever hired.  Yes, I know they have full time jobs, but….. get on with it please.  So, I will have a sit down with the guy doing it to ask for an end date  If I have to fire him, I will do just that.  My body has had it. 

I have been sleeping on my couch [most comfortable place] for a month now.  My body needs its bed. [don’t forget to hear a foot stomp as you read those words] So, what did I do?  I sent a text to the gentleman who is in charge and told him there will be no more sawing or sanding in my house.  Now, if he listens it will be a miracle.  Why? Well, my husband and I damp-wiped the walls in this bedroom and in the closet. That was after we hauled everything that was in the room to our front porch. We changed filters for the AC unit.  I damp-mopped the hardwood floors three times, before I could comfortably walk on them barefooted.  I have damp wiped every box, every shoe, oh, suffice it to say I spent about four hours damp wiping every surface in the room and everything that came back into the room.  The ceilings in this house are about 12 feet high and the husband used a ladder to wipe the picture rail off.  The things I had shoved into my chest of drawers and dresser will have to be washed.  The group doing the work did hang plastic; but when you take a fan into a small area do you really think that sheet-rock dust is not going to go to every possible space within 100 feet. 

My body is exhausted with traveling to take showers and to do laundry.  Even though my daughter lives less than 15 minutes away, and she is understanding, I am tired of doing simple things at another house.  I thought that my body had gotten over the discomfort of being in a car daily.  Boy was I wrong.  I went to get in the SUV to run to the daughters home one morning, but my right leg decided it wanted to refuse to work properly.  Each time I tried to press on the break, to start the engine, my leg would just quiver.  Therefore, I just stumbled back into the house and had a crying fit. Yes, crying does help.

Then one day I was trying to carry my rare second cup of coffee to my living room and froze.  I literally  knew if I took a step, I would be kissing the floor.  Thank goodness the worker came in to tell me he was leaving.   I was standing in between a door opening and a shelf.  I was shaking and not able to set the hot cup down anywhere.  He grabbed the coffee cup and the first words out of his mouth was, “ man that is hot.”  I just looked at him and could not figure out what he was talking about.  It was all I could do to concentrate on staying upright.  When I realized he had taken the cup, I could then reach the door facing and get my balance back.  I used every possible surface to get my lovely body to my couch.  I told him if he let my daughter know what had happened, he was in deep trouble.  Since those two incidents I have not been able to really do too much for myself.  I have the walker closer to me and relied on it for several days. Now? I just use it to get up from sitting positions. 

At this stage in the recovery time-frame of five plus years I had hoped to retire that walker.  I can only surmise that it is not having a regular bed to sleep in, and/or the added stress of having to do everything at my daughter’s home, that has caused these issues to pop back into being.  My gait is off, I am having balance issues, and then there is swelling along the spine.  I am wondering if there is some hidden food intolerance that I have not found that could be causing the inflammation along the spine. 

On the bright side, I do know one thing that I have been doing that maybe I should have thought second about.  And that is stacking cinder blocks for my second raised bed.  Add tugging around large bags of soil, sand, and compost.  Yep, Farmer Jane has been tackling her garden and that kind-of kicked her funny tailbone.    You see during one stacking of a block I tried rolling one closer.  To give you a visual, think of Farmer Jane on her knees leaning over a row of block and trying to flip one closer.  You know something went wrong.  Yep, I ended up almost kissing those blocks.  Mind you, I was already on my knees and I ended up on my forearms.  I have very pretty lines now on my arms.  That skinned area on both arms stung for several days, but that did not stop me. Nope!  I coated those areas with antibacterial cream and kept at it.  Do you know, not a mosquito one bit me?  Hummm, I usually am fodder to those pesky things, so maybe I have found a repellent.

As I type this, I have taken over my bed.  I slept in it last night and will again tonight.  Tomorrow might be a different story as those men will be at it, yet again.  I am thinking of taking their fan outside and burning it.  But no, I will tell them that they can only have a box fan that blows to the outside of the house.  That is, if they plan to do anything that would require the fan’s use.  Wish me luck on getting them to understand that I have an urgent need for them to finish this room.  I do not wish to fire them since they live ‘just up the street.’ 

All readers, that have Tarlov Cysts, are wondering if I have had to utilize meds.  The answer is: just the over the counter type.  And I never take them like the bottle says.  I took a single pill several days, but no more than one a day.  I did use the Copaiba  e-oil, and another supplement type of anti-inflammatory.  I have used a lot of lavender e-oil to relax at night.  I think I have been using the Cleopatra pose way too much.  On the meds, let me share that I have nothing stronger than a muscle relaxer now.  I refuse to go to a doctor with all the ‘19’ mess going on.  And a prescription requires a doctor’s visit.  Plus, I now live over an hour from my old doctor’s office.  I am not looking forward to finding another doctor closer.  I do not have the energy, much less be in the mood, to educate a new doctor on my disease.  Then to have to find one that will not try to kill me with ignoring me about the medicines I am not able to take.  Yep, not in the mood for that either. 



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