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08/09/2020 Update

New word for today, Hyperalgesia”.  


When a blogger has nothing to do, or cannot do anything useful, she types up a post. 

You are thinking that with this new home, maybe I should be doing something to improve it.  You would be right, but……

Since my last post not too much has changed.  Maybe things have gotten a little worse.  I have spent the day waking to a migraine; which is rare since my Tarlov surgery.   But to wake up to one is not fair!  Whining here.  And because I woke with the head being crazy, I missed the big event.  I missed the earthquake in North Carolina!  My daughter, who lives down the road, asked if I felt it.  This girl is usually very sensitive to these events.  But no.  I was sitting in my swing, listening to the Bible being read to me with my app.  Just swinging away and drinking my coffee.   Clueless. 

This week I have done a little gardening and a little clearing out the area where the bathroom is going to be built this.  Then I got the bright idea to use tape and mark off where everything is going.  I got a shock.  I cannot get everything in the area the way the contractor and I talked about!  I knew it was going to be tight, but not crawl on top of the dryer or washer to get to a laundry sink.  No, that is not how tight things are going to be but it may seem like it.  So, I got the yard stick, a marker and painters’ tape and started over.  It looks like I am going to lose a window and my shower will be the first thing you see when you walk into the room.  Good thing I picked out beautiful tile, right?  I just wish everything would get delivered so we can double check measurements.  Then this girl has not bought the toilet; we all know we need one of those, but they are not pretty.   Then I forgot the knobs to turn the water on in the shower, much less the drain cover.  All has to match.  If you are going to do it, do it right.

Looking for those final things were my plans for today, but not!  My hips are revolting just laying down.  Just imagine sitting up for long.  Then my gait looks and feels a little drunk.  All this Cleopatra has done is: ‘not much’.  A quick trip to the garden to get my tomatoes and a stink bug.  A little refiguring the bathroom area.  A little swinging.  A little napping.  When you can’t do anything physical, your day seems to be more than 24 hours, more like 500 hours.   I can’t even watch the boob tube; we don’t have service out here.  [that we can afford]  Can you tell I am bored beyond reason?  Getting a little dramatic.  Gotta have some fun with this, right?

So, to those new to reading my posts, and to those new to Tarlov Cysts, let me reassure you or just give you some hints about life after surgery.

Life does get better, if that is all you are dealing with.  Know your other diseases and get to understand them.  For those of us with these Cysts we find we have more going on than just the Tarlov Cysts.  I will not scare you with all that could add to life, but just be aware that the cysts like to have other diseases tag along.  [yes, sarcasm]  Then be aware that recovering takes time!  [Such a catch all word is that “recovery”.]   Not the six weeks like most people think, but many years.  There will be great days and smooth weeks.  Then…. out of nowhere, it is like you are starting over.  But those do tend to spread out after the first several years.  It took me over five years to have a few weeks with no major issues.  But the discomfort is every day and every minute.  I just have taught my body and mind that there is more to concentrate on than the body.  I do not know what I would do if I went a full day with no discomfort.  I hope that I would notice it, to some degree;  but also hope that I can forget to even think about whether I am in discomfort.  I do not dwell on my discomfort, but I would love to be surprised to know that maybe I had gone a few days with none.     

Then I cannot express enough that I did so much better when I decided to go without medicine for pain.  After reading articles on how the meds can cause pain and screw the brain signals up, I decided to experiment with going without.  Wow the difference!   If you do not believe me, look up the term  “Hyperalgesia.” 

Another thing that has made a difference is the clean eating lifestyle.  Not only did I get back to a healthier weight, but my gut issues are so much better.  All I have to really do is stay away from several things.  Like gluten from wheat, meats that are not grass fed, corn, processed meals, and preservatives.  Yes, soy gives me issues but nothing like the gluten or nitrates in meat.  And yes, I can physically tell the difference between organic and non-GMO foods.  Do I cheat?  You bet!  Do I pay for cheating?  You bet!  Read your labels, you have time while suffocating in the masks while shopping.  We won’t tell the truth on the question of, “do I wear a mask.” 

When asked why I do not post supporting articles, I answer that: if you are in pain, then you more than likely are “resting” and need something to take your mind off of the discomfort.  I want my readers to find the answers to the words I throw out, on their own.  I do not want to sound “preachy;”  but do want you to be aware of other words that our doctors do not throw our way.  On this one topic there are hundreds of articles; some in medical terminology, some easy to read.  But if you research any word, make this one word the one you look into: “Hyperalgesia.” 


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