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08/05/2020 Update

Can we talk “riding in a car”?  As I have shared before, I am trying to get a working bathroom in this new home.  [New to us that is. And yes, the bathroom is working but makes me have vertigo.]  I have tried the ordering on-line, which I despise, for all the stuff a bathroom needs.  But now I had to drive to find a tile for the shower.  Plus, we are trying to find flooring.  I searched on-line for something I would like.  All I found was awkward looking pictures.  Those things never show you up close what colors you would be getting.  You think you get an oil rubbed bronze and it might end up a black.  So, we gave up on that and I had the husband to take me to a large warehouse type store to look.  Can we say maybe too many choices?  Then I find something in marble I really loved.  When the sales lady showed me the boxes they came in, I was shocked to find that the color streak I wanted was not in any of the pieces other than the display.  She said that was the nature of the beast with marble, people pick thru and get all the good ones.  She suggested to look at the man-made ones; that is porcelain.  I walked out of the store with a good idea of what I wanted.  After pinning the contractor down for what I was supposed to pick up, today we headed back to get everything squared away for him to pick up for us. 

All that said, I have to tell you it now takes close to an hour to get to that store.  We moved out into the country and everything is a long way from us now.  [Stretch that word out when you read it.]  Therefore, think about being in the car for an hour.  Plus taking care of business that is on the way so as not to waste a trip out.  We made a circle in our trip.  Then there were some stores I wanted to visit. They were not two miles from the flooring store, yep, we made the stops.  We went right by the best DQ in the state of Georgia, so of course I had to stop there first.  Their blizzards are the best, you don’t taste the yogurt in them.  Yep, No nasty after taste or coating on the tongue.  So, I did cheat and treat myself to gluten.  Add the distance to the long time sitting on the bumm, like a proper passenger, I started having a little trouble getting in and out of the SUV.  Not to mention walking in the stores.  Oh, well, what is a girl to do?  This one carried on like she owned the world. 

We did not get half way home and I was asking to get in my little nest in the back seat.  In the last few months, I have only needed it one other time.  The highway we had to take is made with cement.  Who, in his right mind, thinks that makes smooth road bed?  Try putting yourself, with a tidbit of pain, in the back seat and ride with all that bumping.  I was thinking of asking to pull over again, so I could sit up front, just because my hips were getting beat to death.  Maybe I lost a few inches on them.  A girl could hope.  Right? 

Now I am home, and you know if I am typing an update in the middle of the night, I can not rest.  Y’all, my tailbone is on fire.  There is the biggest rock pressing on it.   My legs are humming and my ears are so loud I could scream.   If I screamed, I probably wouldn’t hear it; my head is so, so, loud. 

One thing I do not think I have touched on is the anxiety that pain seems to cause me.  From my reading, I think it is common for intractable pain patients.  You feel a little restless and hyper.  Your mind can not settle on one thing.  And I have a hard time playing games on the tablet.  Plus, my body feels like it needs to move.  Similar to restless leg, but it is the whole body.  That gets a little trying.  It hurts to move and it hurts to not move.  And then I get really, really, frustrated when trying to lay down while hoping to sleep some of the pain off.  It is like having a shot of adrenaline.  It makes you want to yell at someone, but there is no one you can yell at.  Much less having a justifiable reason to yell. 

So, I have spent about six hours trying to relax and nothing is working.  Add that the discomfort is making the stomach let me know it is there and does not want left out of all the fun.  Add, with the humidity from the past storm, my Aquagenic Pruritus is flaring.  Boy is my body having fun.  My hope is to get through the night with no meds.  I think I can do it if I could get to sleep.

I know some readers probably are thinking, “just take the drugs and get over it”.  Sorry they are hard to come by and they cause just as bad side effect as the pain causes.  I choose to not take anything; besides, why take something that only relieves about 10 percent and makes you want to puke?  Yep, with that as my prognosis, I choose to not take a chemical to pollute my body.  I will take a e-oil capsule and then maybe some hemp, or Copaiba, but that is all. 

So, the next time you are in a flare, see if you become more “nervous” and then think on the thing that set you off.  I know I sound like a broken record, but keep that journal until you have the flares figured out.  I mean I knew getting in the car for that length of time would set me off.  That was the reason I chose to make all sorts of stops.  The plan was to ride awhile and walk awhile.  I thought breaking the trip up would help, but that was not for today unfortunately.

On the yummy side, besides the Blizzard, I did some canning.  I have not done that in years.  Yep, six jelly jar size of tomato sauce and three pints of pears.  I might say that most of the maters came from a neighbor, but all the pears came from our tree.  Now that is something to be happy about. 

Got to add that nothing is medical advise!   
∀ ∃ Α Ω ∀∀∀∀∀ ∃∃∃∃∃  ΑΑΑΑΑ  ΩΩΩΩΩ ∀ ∃ Α Ω


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