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7/13/2020 Update

I need to do a health update with all that is going on.  I have cut back the number of posts since  beginning the task of the finding a new home and all that fun stuff. 

Surprising to me is that I have held up to the change in routine and the extra physical challenges.  I decided to examine my daily routine to see why I have been able to be relatively discomfort free.  Ok, we know I am not discomfort free, but I have not been worse.  I have had good days and not so good.  Like today.  My balance was off, and the bee stings were almost constant for most of the day.  Then add the pressure of the imaginary vise that is trying to separate my hips.  Yep, not a good feeling, but one I can deal with if it eases during sleep.   

What is my daily routine, you ask?   First is waking with the birds and making my way to the necessary room, then the kitchen.  I make my coffee and breakfast.  [On a side note, a new neighbor has chickens!  She is giving us eggs whenever I return her cartons.  Nothing better than a day or two old egg in the morning.]  With coffee in hand I can now head outside to the front porch and swing.  I spend over 30 minutes out there before heading out to the garden.  My quiet morning time is spent ducking when the hummingbird buzzes by or watching the chipmunk as it decides to see what I am up to.  I get to count the types of birds that visit the trees each morning.  I think being able to reconnect with nature starts my morning out on the right note.  Not only does it allow me to breathe clean, uncirculated air, it allows me to just relax.  No matter how much discomfort I am in, I can bring my awareness of the discomfort down.  i.e. watching Nature allows me to ignore my body for a bit.

Another thing, that I can own up to, is not putting stress on my body physically.  Yep, no stairs to have to go up and down each day.  Then add that this house has a crawl space and wooden floors; not a hard slab in sight.  We would not want to forget the vacuum cleaner either.  There is no carpet that takes extra effort to clean with the suction.  So less pulling with it. 

How do I know these are things that can set my discomfort levels off?  Well take yesterday.  I was using a ladder to do a project and hence the feeling of a vise between the hips and the feeling that they  are being pushed further apart.  I went out to the stores a few days ago and walking on the hard slabs set my middle back off, along with my feet.  Then not to mention riding to get to said stores. 

These are reasons that I suggest keeping a journal or log of what you do each day and be very detailed.  If you get up at 6 then put that in there, and on the days you get up at 9 put it in there.  Even add how you felt within 15 mins of waking.  Then if you do a chore or honestly any activity put down how long you spent doing it.  After a few weeks of being very detailed you will know your triggers.  Use a notebook and put on the left side you time frame and the activities, then on the right sheet put what you were feeling as discomfort and how long those issues lasted.  Example, did you sweep the floor?  Did some area of the body respond to the motion; did you stop immediately or did you brave it out and continue?  How long did the discomfort last?  If you sat looking at the computer, when and what was the discomfort?  How long were you able to sit? 

After you have done a very detailed diary then go back and re-read it to see if you might need to adjust the vacuuming of several rooms to one  on different days.  Maybe you still need to not lift a full gallon.  Maybe your favorite chair needs to be donated to someone else.  Then the next step is to keep a food diary.  That is not “I had a hotdog”, but what was the ingredients in that nasty dog?  Let’s face it , not all dogs are the same.   What chemicals were in that dog, bun, or chili?  Think about it, we might brush our teeth with paste that has peroxide, but would we drink it?  [Going funny here – from what the news says some people are doing for the big 19, I think some would.]  I can’t stress enough that if your gut ain’t happy then your body won’t be either.  The best thing I did was drop gluten and other un-natural ingredients. 

So, as my body adjusts to the new living arrangements I will continue to pay attention to what is OK and what is needing cut or reduced in my routines.  I wrote  a group of posts that supports the ideas of connecting with nature and ways we should handle daily routines.  The links are below.  The first post is an overview , then the post of Daily Personal/Physical Goals explains the first items on the overview.  Then the Empowering Actions to Combat follows the last of the items in the overview.

Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness

Daily Personal /Physical Goals

Empowering Actions to Combat


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