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05/19/2020 to 06/07/2020 Update


It may have been a month since I took the time to post.  I can say with a hooray that it has not been because of health.  Who knew moving could take up so much time?  Oh, not the unpacking, but the issues with the move has kept me occupied.  Heck, I even fell asleep on Mother’s Day and never made a call to my own mother.  I know “shame on me”!

“Issues?”, you ask.  Yep!  Let us see, shall we start with just the floors?  I have been almost a month trying to get estimates on the foundation issues.  You wonder why I am worried.  So let me explain that there is a hall that is close to 30 feet long and it only has two (2, yes!) rocks holding it up.  Mind you that they have stood diligently strong for over a hundred and four years, but……   I will have a buffet that might just weigh 500 pounds standing in that hall, add the couch that came with the home that takes two people to just scoot it a few feet.  The on the opposite walls will be a china hutch on one side and the bedroom side furniture has not been decided.  Then I will have two grandfather clocks in that hall, somewhere.  These floors dip and roll if you walk too fast.  It would be a fun place to roll marbles, if it were not for the boxes I can not unpack.  [It was suggested by two of the men, whom gave us estimates, to not put anything glass out or any china.]  

Next issue.  The idgets that installed the plumbing, or the ones who were replacing outside boards, removed the pipe that carries the bathroom smells out of the house.  Or, they were like the floors and do not understand the concept of “level”.  “Scottie, we have a problem!” 

Next issue.  The remodel of the bathroom.  We can not find anyone willing to tackle it yet.  They like the stimulus money more than labor.  Now, no one has come out directly to say that but,  they keep throwing out “that with the virus and all.”.

Next issue is that with the smell from the bathroom I can not put any linens in that end of the house.  So in the bedroom we are using we are still living in boxes. 

Next issue.  There is no way I can take a shower or bath in the bathroom, as it is.  Just potting is a scary thing.  So, every other day we have to travel down the road to my daughter’s and do our beauty routine.  I even brush my teeth in the kitchen sink. 

Now that I have brought you up to date on the home let me share “heath”.  I am so pleased to say that I have not been bed bound during this.  Yes, I have had to take some over the counter meds, but I have not had to go to a doctor for a prescription.  I have used the e-oils, I have used the Cleopatra pose, and I have cried a few times.   Overall I feel great.  Well, as great as the “new normal” will let me.  I have had a few issues with the PGAD, with the rocks on the tailbone, and even with the mystery nerve zaps all throughout the body.  But I am managing. 

Then with the clean eating lifestyle I have had issues finding food during the unpacking and cleaning days.  This area we moved to has no restaurants, even no fast food places.  So, when someone would be kind enough to bring us food, I ate it.  Yep, my gut is unhappy with me and it may take a few weeks to get the system back to an even level. 

With this virus mess going on I have been contacted by two study groups to complete surveys.  I did them and they may have been shocked with my responses.  I think the media has either scared the poo out of people or pissed them royally off.  This virus and the government/’scientists’ fear mongering has done noting but glorify “science”.  By that let me explain.  The word “science” means studying, and learning, and experimenting with an issue.  It does not mean “fact”.  Science is a continuation of a question.  It is not the complete answer to a question.  It is not a “yes” or a “no”.  It is just flip flopping on answers to questions.  It changes almost constantly.  Fact does not change.  So, with the media choosing whom they want to listen to and sharing only that particular view point they are bias.  Then when you have a government that does the same thing, they are both feeding people fear at a constant.   I was totally surprised with how people reacted to being shut down and to the idea of adding a new vaccine that may not be properly tested.  Heck, the best way to protect yourself is not with putting a chemically made vaccine into your body, it is by two ways.  First, is the tried and true method of exposing yourself to something so that your body can learn to fight it itself and the second is being inoculated.  If you inoculate yourself then you are putting the virus in it’s own form in your body.  Not too much different than just going to visit someone with the virus and building you own immunity.  That is what I did with my children and the chicken pox.  Sorry to tell you, but I wanted my children exposed at a young age so that their body can do what the body is made to do. 


Reading back on this post I am pleasantly surprised about my health.  Even with never wearing a “mask” I have not stopped my necessary shopping.  Heck I even have been upset just because I could not go look for curtains.  “upset” is a mild word, believe me.  But I have not had any attack of the “19”!  I have put my faith in my Father to keep me from getting the virus.  But I have never been much of a virus ‘getter’. 

We are still living in boxes, but I am hoping that the first step of getting support under this house starts in a few days.  Then there are suppose to be two groups give us estimates on the remodel of the bathroom and laundry.  Yep, I have been in this house and still not done a load of laundry here.  I have taken “wash-off” baths, but I still go to my daughter’s home for a real shower.  I have even started a garden which is my relaxation each day.  That is where I drink my coffee in the morning. 

Through out all this stress I have learned a lot about “pain”.  First, is that if you keep your mind busy with things other than your body you can take days with your level at a “10”.  Another thing is that if you are stubborn enough you can get up out of bed even on those days that are a “10”.  Just be slow and easy.  Take care to not move too fast, but move.  Another thing is to talk to someone.  Even if what you talk about has no meaningful trivia.  I have also learned that being outside is so important to battle pain.  Staying in four walls is depressing and it tends to keep your mind on yourself and your body.  I hope if you are having a day of even a level of “1” that you sit outside.  If that level is at a “10”  get outside!


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