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Late post: 03/02/2020 Lifestyle Eating

This is a post that I had typed up during the selling of our home, but it covers my eating life style.  Nothing like finding an old post, but I hope it helps someone.

3/02/2020 Update

Well we are having a little fun with the house we chose to put an offer on.  The seller is a contractor in his daily life.  So he was going to ‘finish’ some of the things he had started.  With our offer we had a whole list of things that he had said he would look to finishing up and those would be included in our offering price.  Well, the man is taking his time doing his ‘finishing’.  We had our inspection and the gentleman could not do a complete inspection.  That will cost us another visit out.  Then with his partial report he suggested we hire an electrical engineer, an HVAC inspector, and finally a structural person to come out.

How does one go about staying calm through out all this?  I have cried;  gotten a little nasty at the walls in our home; and even vented to the realtor.  Then with all the running around with all the visits to the new home, looking for period light fixtures;  the life style eating has gone by the wayside.  Yep, you got it.  A lot of eating at places that do not have healthy options. [Therefore none worth a review.]  Even eating the food my husband cooks.  That man eats anything, but liver and mushrooms.

Any person that does not believe that what you put in your body stays with the body is simply in denial.  Let me share.  It started with canned corned beef hash.  Then it was three onion rings.  Then it was sweet and sour shrimp.  Last was eggplant parmigiana.  So within a week I have polluted this body and it is fighting back.  I had to have the walker to just get myself out of bed one day.  That was a day completely spent in the bed.  There have been several days that this girl could not do simple things like put my legs into my pants.  Getting a cup of coffee and a breakfast bar can be a trial in the mornings.  Taking a shower is something I have to do when someone is in my home.  All this discomfort just for the ease of eating.  We all know we need food to keep going, so I was just trying to make it easy on the husband.  That meant just eating anything.  Then what happen?  You start craving those things with gluten.  Then you say “oh heck, in for a penny out with the buck.”   That is exactly what I have done.  So my buck has become having to dig out my n-said patches.  Slapping those things on to cut the swelling down, knowing they will further upset my stomach and system.   Yep, a helping of hash caused the want of onion rings, which led to the sweet and sour, which led to the Italian.  Those cravings have resulted in camping out in my bed, posing as Cleopatra on my couch, and relying on meds that cause side effects.

I hope if you suffer from chronic pain that you read this and think to yourself – “maybe you are causing a bit of your pain”.  Oops, I didn’t say that did I?  Yep, I sure did.  Keep a log of the nutrition you put in your body.  Next, see what you eat daily and cut some of it out.  Eat different food!  If it is wrapped in bread, eat it without bread.  If it comes in a plastic tray in the freezer, make it yourself.  If it has ingredients that did not have a mother or a root, don’t eat it.  If it truly is fresh, then what do you need a preservative for.  If it truly tastes good, then why do they need natural flavoring?  When I fix a steak, I do not add beef flavoring to it.  I might add garlic, salt and pepper or some other herb; but I don’t add a bit of ‘natural’ enhancers.   Just let me reassure you that I can make it most days without taking any medicines.  It is only if I cheat, that I cause myself any stronger discomfort.   Yes, I have daily discomforts, but I have learned to tolerate them.  Please, please look at what you eat.


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