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04/08/2020 Update

04/08/2020 Update

Well, I have been quiet on this blog for almost a full month.  Knowing that house buying and selling is stressful for anyone, I chose to stay away.  I want the blog to be about Tarlov Disease more than about me.  For that reason I have been silent.  But now I am in my daughter’s home with all this social distancing.  What happened to the home we were going to purchase?  Title issues.  The property was essentially two tracts that was supposed to be sold as one.  Well the seller did not have clear title to the property.  Until he gets that sorted out, we are homeless and living with my daughter.  [Said with a whiny drama filled voice.]

Let me touch on how the stress has affected the body.  Stress can do some funky things to a body.  Yep, bee stings in places you have never had them before, muscle twitching in fun places, and just plain tiredness.  I have pushed my body more than I have in years.  Packing requires a lot of pulling, lifting, bending, and tugging.  You name it, head upside down in a box as tall as you.  It requires stepping over stuff, squeezing between boxes, and a lot of sitting in the floor.  I would wrap things and put them in or near boxes.  Then sit in the floor to get them in the boxes so they would not rattle or rub against each other.  This required a lot of sitting on hard surfaces and crawling on my knees.    

I found that I bruise quite easily.  My toes would lock up and I would have to pull them back into motion.  And, lardy, the floors are not kind to knees.  Several times I would have to crawl to a sturdier surface to get in an upright position.  Once standing I would hang on for dear life just to get completely upright and be able to take a step.  I was stooped over by the end of each day.  Then sleeping was just as uncomfortable.  There were several nights that I would doze off just to wake to pain in the legs and sacrum; and other nights to pain in the thighs and feet.  There were several nights I just gave up on sleeping.  Some of those nights were nights I tried crying myself to sleep.  There were several days that I could not even get out of bed until after noon and several that I just got up long enough to potty and eat. 

I used e-oils, sports creams, prescription muscle relaxers, and the rest of my hoarded pain med.  Other times I used the n-said patch, and other OTC meds.  I have found that my system handles better being creative and varied with what I take, over sticking to just one med.  There was one night that I was tempted to head to an ER, but…..    Most ER’s in our area will not see you with all this virus business going on. 

The worse night was the last in our original home.  I literally, finally collapsed.  Yep, I had started going down the stairs using my toddler action [you know – going down one step at a time on my bumm.].  I could walk up them fine, but down had become a different story.  Then I made my last trip up the stairs and my legs decided it was a good time for “drop-foot” to act up.  And I was home alone!  So, down I went.  I had the bedding, which I use in the back of my SUV [for my nest], in the floor of the downstairs.  This girl parked herself there and just gave up.  We had not completed all the packing and the house had to be completely cleared out by closing the next morning.  Can we say stress?  Add too much nerve pain and muscle aches to sleep.  But I did stop moving; which was a plus.  We made it thru closing and now we are trying to sort out a plan for looking for a new home.  Or getting legal advice on the home we had hoped to purchase.

With the Tarlov Cysts, this amount of activity has caused a lot of old symptoms, that I had prior to my surgery, to resurface.  Will they continue to irritate me?  Like with all things “rare”, only time will tell.  I hope not, but I am prepared now for how to handle the issues.  I know what to look out for; and know when to stop what I am doing and go to my Cleopatra pose.  Hip sitting can work wonders on the funny tail-bone discomforts.  The bladder and bowel issues will hopefully ease and get back to being normal.  The hum going down both legs will take some time, but the cramps in the toes and feet will take longer or until the floors get warmer.  Cold is not my friend. 

I am hoping that in a month, or less, the title issue will be resolved.  But with this social distancing and shelter in place policies it could take six months until the title issues will be worked out.  My daughter will not like that.  Neither will my pocket book with the cost of storage for our furniture.  So my husband and I might have to look for an apartment for a few months.  Oh, how I dislike apartments!  


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