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02/21/2020 Update

Time for an update.  Yes, it is around 1 AM and I can’t sleep.  So what better to do than update what has been going on.

As I posted before, we are looking for a new single-story home to move into.  Shock of all shocks, this home we are currently in sold in three days!  You did read that right.  Three!!!!   I have a great realtor, and she knows me and I understand how she works.  She is really great at getting one of the better photographers for showing the home to it’s best.  That meant this girl had to box up all the pictures on her walls, box up most of the what-knots in the bookcases, clear off all counters in all the rooms.  Meaning, I had to start my packing for a move.  But I never thought we could potentially be homeless as quick as it looked like.  Thank goodness the ‘buyer’ of our home was willing to change his “take possession” date to 20 days later.  We had not even physically visited a new-to-us home yet.  I was panicking when the realtor called to say she had two offers for us to review.  Two?  Yep, two. 

That meant we had to get on the ball and start looking at homes.  So the very next day my husband and I went to drive by several.  One was a quick “heck no”.  I didn’t need neighbors that had junk in their yards, not counting trash.  The next one was a “I like” but it needs a lot of work.  Then the next two were a “maybe” and again, “heck no”.  The kicker was that those homes were all that were on the market in our price range.  Yep, a total of four in the area we were hoping to move and not cause us to rob a bank for.  Then consider, we were looking for a single story home.  Before we could even let the realtor know we would like to look at them we found out one had been removed from the market; title issues.  The first “heck no” was sold the day we looked at it.  Then the other “heck no” was having flooding issues, so off the market it was.  That left the oldest and furthest, the only home available. 

We finally got in to really look at it and I did like it.  The home was built in 1916 to 1917.  It had its original pine floors; it is in great shape inside.  So we met with the realtors and the seller to find out what was still needing done to make the home livable.  Offer was made and offer was accepted.  So it looks like we won’t be homeless at the end of next month.  But it will be a week before I will let anything get moved into that house.  I need to clean several years of “unoccupied” from the home. 

For my update on my body and how it is taking all this trauma?  It chooses to hate me at times and then other times it is pretty strong.  I have cried, I have grunted, I have said some words I should not, and I even have fallen on my face while kneeling on the floor.  But I still am able to function.  Yes, I am officially out of pain meds.  My precious-hoarded-stash is gone.  I have discomfort in the back, bladder, bowels, well just put it this way – everything below my lungs.  Even the soles of my feet will get the bee stings and electric hum. 

I pack and sort for an hour then take an hour off.  I am able to do things upstairs and let the husband do the “hunt this please”.  It seems if I am upstairs then the packing tape is downstairs.  We finally got smart and have several rolls in several different rooms.  I feel like I need to make a necklace of the scissors.   Those things seem to have legs.

The home we are buying is a two bedroom home.  I have four now.  You see where this is going?  I still have some of the kids’ toys and lots of their school work.  Some people think I should just toss those things.  Ummmm, no!  I barely have anything of my own left.  My father was Air Force so we moved a heck of a lot.  I had no real home to show my kids that when I was a child, I played with this or my bedroom looked like that.  Things kids can go “wow” when they are shown by their grandparents that their mom or dad had this or that.  Those are the ways you engage those young ones.  Thus, I have been having to sort through things and try not to bawl my eyes out because I can not keep them or even have a room to put them in.  I love looking at all the matchbox cars my son just had to have, and all the china roses we gave our daughter when she had her recitals.  So, this move is an emotional one for me.  I do not even have a spare room if both of my kids want to bring their family to visit together.  I jokingly told my son, when he comes to visit, he could sleep in the butler’s pantry the home has. 

Here, in Georgia, I do not think we have had a full 24 hours of not having a drop of rain for a month.  The rain is making leaving my house for the showings, the home inspections and all the ‘leave the home so as not to influence the inspectors’ a problem.  Not to mention dealing with the Aquagenic Pruritus.  One day it was snowing, yes, Georgia gets snow in February; and we went to the closest restaurant to grab a hot cocoa.  I was only given an hours’ notice on that ‘please leave’.   I was already in pain, but knew I could not make it to my daughter’s home to camp out.  So to the chain pancake house we went.  I had to have my daughter take me to the grocery store one weekend.  And today, I finally broke bad and went back in the rain.  Really, I was getting rather hungry.  Having diet restrictions is not fun.  We are unable to just go get something when we spend too much time on trying to take care of the move.  Each meal has to be cooked at home, especially if you are in grungy clothing and your hair looks like you never brushed it.  I have spent several days in my bed and have said “no” to somethings the realtor had scheduled.  When my body says “no”, I said “no”. 

Hopefully I will not take a tumble, or lift something I should not.  But I do know I will have to hire help with the cleaning of that house.  There is no way I will be able to wipe down 12 foot ceilings, paint 12 foot walls.   Not to mention clean 7 foot windows.  I will be meeting with the seller to get his help on designing a new bathroom for the home, and leveling out two room’s floors.  They were built on the old porch.  Oh, a laundry room is needed.  Laundry was done on the back porch.  I want to keep the home in its original state as much as possible, but I ain’t airing my dirty laundry for everyone to see.  Tomorrow looks like it will be a day spent on my bed and playing at being Cleopatra.  I don’t want to get into a car, go down a flight of stairs, or sit in the floor to pack a box.  Typed with a hefty mental foot stomp!



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