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I Quit!

I quit!

Oooo, I got your attention.  No, I am not quitting the posting to this blog.  What I quit is today’. 

The decision has finally been made to get me out of this two story home.  Anyone want to buy one?   Can you believe that my daughter suggested very strongly that her dad get me out and closer to her home?  He made the mistake of telling her he would play daycare for her children if she ever decided to have one.  So, she told him to get on the ball and get closer to her home.   There are hardly any single story homes with the square footage we have now.  And those single story homes are selling double for what we will get out of this home. 

Anyway, we all know that when you go to a smaller home you have to downsize.  So far, I have eliminated a packing box full of stuff.  By “eliminating” I mean “tossed”.  That is not near the size of a full room.  Each time I toss something, my daughter gets a text and I tell her what I tossed.  If she is going to keep telling me to throw stuff away, then she is going to keep getting random texts throughout the day.   We have officially been at this move business for a full two weeks.  I am sick of it. 

Let me give you some life history.  Dad was an Airman.  Yep, the good ole Air Force.  So that meant by the time he retired we had lived in 12 maybe 13 homes.  Then after retiring, I have lived in 7 more homes.  I think, — I could have missed one somewhere.  This is not counting dorm rooms while in college.  The longest I have lived in a single residence is 11.5 years.  One thing you learn with all this moving is, HOW TO PACK.  The last three moves I have been the sole person packing my home.  Yes, the move from North Carolina was mostly handled by professional packers, but……  Those packers would have demolished some of my fragile items if I had not already boxed and secured them.  Then I had to fight to get the antique grandfather clocks crated.  Would my husband have fought for them to be treated with respect?  No, men give men too much freedom with things like that. 

So what has made me ‘quit’?  I am exhausted.  Each day I get my breakfast and then get started.  The realtor came and we covered the items that needed taking care of before she sends the photographer out to do a virtual set of pictures.  I have known for years what needed done.  But if it is not falling down on some people then they won’t do them.  So now I have to have trades people come in and stop my progress. 

First was the A frame of the living and kitchen ceiling.  That generated all the furniture to be moved and covered and then to be moved again and cleaned. Two days lost.   Sheetrock dust is worse than powdered sugar.  Now, my bedrooms on the top floor, living floor, is getting new carpet.  So that meant trying to pack some things and then move others to the living room and dining room.  Some things went down stairs, some to the garage.  Lord help anyone that tries to help me find something if I have a sudden need.  But the daughter did come and pack up some of her bedroom to take to her house.  [Does that count in the tossing of stuff?]  If things go as planned, the carpet will be installed in the morning.  Then I can start the ‘staging’ of the upstairs.  Downstairs will take me another week, so we will not have the house officially on the market until the office and guest room are looking pretty.  The garage?  That will be the last place.

Physically this is a ‘pain in the assprin’.  I kid you not.  First, I had to box the Christmas tree up and all the decorations.  Those were the first to make a visit to my daughter’s garage.  But that took a lot of reaching and bending to put them in their boxes.  I did not lift a single packed box.  Please don’t ask how many boxes we have full of the pretties. 

I try to do a little and rest a little.  But this girl can not sit when something needs done.  Heck, I have gotten up in the middle of the night and went down stairs to pack and sort things.  I have had to take more meds in the last few weeks than I had in years.  I have even used the n-said patch a few times.  Love the side effect of that.  Muscle relaxers have been tried.  More side effects.  Amitriptyline has been used.  My e-oil is on most days.  But I woke yesterday and today with extreme discomfort.  So maybe having to stop a day or two will be for the best.  I could have slept all day if it were not for needing food and being nervous about what time the installers would show up.  The sitting in the car to get said food, did not help matters. 

For those with Tarlov’s I will share the discomfort.  Let us start with the rocks pressing on the tailbone area.  Then we can add the burning sensation of the same area.  The middle of the back is cramped [ due to the pulling, stretching, and bending]. The muscles in the legs are holding up and not sore.  Yay!  But the toes are pulling and stinging.  The knees are wanting to reject the commands to bend on the stairs.  So far, no tumbles, but there have been times that I have had to grab a solid surface and hang on for dear life.  Several of my joints have locked up, but I will take that over popping out.  There have been many times that I have needed helped up out of the floor or out of a chair.  Then the dreaded PGAD has kicked in.  It has attacked me non-stop for about four days now.  I have only been brave enough to drive myself one time during this last month.  I got home alive, but was using my favorite cruise control buttons.  I am a little scared that the PGAD is attacking the urinary tract.  So I will be headed to the local store for a good hops only beer soon. 

If you are wondering about the lifestyle change, I will be honest.  Most days I am not able to fix my meals.  And the chef will not go the extra mile to find things in the cabinets that I can eat.  Therefore that means cheating.  That means that some of my discomfort is due to the poor diet. 

Anyone that has the need to come and help with this chaos can come stay with me anytime they want.  I may not be posting as much, unless I get bed-bound during the ‘downsizing’. 



One thought on “I Quit!

  1. Hi Zettie ~

    I’ve been downsizing for the past year or two, not for the same reason you are so it’s certainly easier. I saw this story recently and thought I’d share it. https://www.inquirer.com/real-estate/home/downsizing-decluttering-aging-housing-condo-20191130.html What city are you located in? If it’s close enough, I’ll bring the coffee and help 😊

    Take care, Diane >


    Posted by Dminnie I | January 16, 2020, 1:34 am

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