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Restaurant Review: The Falls

People, I promise I do not eat out as much as it seems.  Considering I will have more gifts for Christmas to shop for and several homes to visit, I will have several reviews in the queue to post.  This review is for a rather new place in which my daughter took me out to enjoy a special dinner.  She had visited before and loved the place.  It is called, “The Falls Restaurant” in Athens, Georgia.

Aesthetics is very important.  The restaurant is fairly large, but from the outside it looks tiny.  Parking is the type you find in something similar to boutique shopping.  Since we did not bring the handicap parking tag, we used the regular parking.  Someone else opened the huge doors therefore I cannot tell you about their ease.  I was kind of intimidated when we walked in.  The seating was in an area a level down.  My daughter assured me that they had an elevator to use.  When we were being seated, I noted that the tables were space a good distance from each other, which allowed for conversation. If I had to use a walker there would have been no bumping into other guests.   You know I do not remember if music was playing.  If so, it was pleasantly quiet.  To me this is a plus.  The chairs were the type you would find around a fireplace in story books.  They were cloth, high back, and heavy.  The heaviness was an issue for me just scooting myself in.  Then I was not too happy with the height of either the seat or table.  I was too close to the top of the table, that comes with being short.  Thank goodness I wore heels; my feet were able to touch the floor.  During the meal I had to kick my shoes off and sit on my feet, since I forgot my lovely neck pillow.  Most of the people we dined with thought the chairs are comfortable, unless you sat too long.  Even my husband felt uncomfortable by the end of the meal.  The thing I thought was the most pleasant thing about the restaurant was its view.  One whole wall was glass overlooking the deck, which overlooked a small natural waterfall.  I am wondering if the waterfall is really man, made since a mill was, at one time, on the other side of the creek or river.

Now to ordering from their menu.  This is a place to go if you are trying to be gluten free.  The menu had their selections plainly labeled.  They had equal amounts of items for either gluten free or just plain choices.  You were not limited!  The waiter said they could adjust most items to make the dish gluten free.  No embarrassments ordering.  My husband and I ordered a starter of Seasonal Beet Carpaccio, a side of Baby Kale Salad, Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon with asparagus.  The daughter and her husband ordered a starter of shrimp cocktail, the same salad, and she ordered the salmon he the Springer Mountain Fried Chicken.  Since it was ‘date night’ for the restaurant, a bottle of wine came with the meal.  We both chose white.

I will start with the starters.  The beets were shaved paper thin and were of the yellow variety.  When you ate them, you could not tell they were beets.  The relish they had on top was all you tasted.  It was good, but I would have liked them to have been a smidgen thicker.  At least, so you could not have read a newspaper through them.  The other starter was served appropriately; on a bed of ice.  I ordered a salad with Sriracha maple vinaigrette.  I normally will not touch spicy but I was curious.  I was surprised that my tongue survived.  The greens were tossed in the dressing, not the dressing poured on top.  Just the right amount on the greens.  No pool in the bottom of the bowl.  No chance of wearing it.  The salmon was grilled dry, that is how we like ours.  The seasoning was perfect.  The grilled asparagus was on the large size, but fresh and trimmed appropriately.  No woody parts were on my plate.  Now to the plate.  They were slabs of slate.  They helped hold the heat, but that was all they did.  I had to keep wiping the table so the juices from my meal would not drop in my lap.  Did I drink the wine?  You betcha!  Ummm, I think I have posted before that I am a cheap drunk.  So, as we were leaving, more than half the bottle came home.  My daughter asked if I needed to use the elevator.  She loves to think of me as tipsy.   If we are out shopping and I am holding on to walls she will tell anyone walking by to not mind me, that I’m just drunk.  But I was able to manage the stairs.  I did it out of sheer determination nothing more.  My legs were humming and I was not sure about getting back to the car.  Also, something to note is the timing on each course was perfect to me.  They were not slapping plates down before we finished a course.  They cleaned up each course before bringing the next out.  They did not interrupt our conversation; the waiters did their job and I hardly noticed them.

So, if you are headed to a UGA ball game, or just passing through Athens, give it a try.  Just finding gluten free options is a trial, but not here.   https://www.fallsrestaurantathens.com/




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