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11/14/2019 thru 11/16/2019 Update


I am happy to say that the last few weeks have been easy on this girl.  I have really been a little lazy.  I have gone thru one closet to see if I can downsize some things in it and hurrah, I have taken it down a box.  It has some of my Christmas décor and all the stuff I have collected from being a wedding planner in my former life.  I decided to add to the yard sale box the individual display items I would use on the ‘show’ tables.  Then there were several other items that I can add to the ‘yard sale box’.  I also, was a brave soul and tossed several items.  Then on a whim I started on the garage storage room.  No one knows how to read labels on the storage drawers that helps keep things organized.  That meant that the small drawers were empty and their items  scattered in several boxes.  Well, they are back in their proper place.  I even threw several screws that had been broke and saved.  Why?  Guess the garbage was too far away?  Then the electrical stuff was in the plumbing box so I had to go thru that, and only half the clean paint brushes were in their box.  You get the drift, right? 

If we are to move to a single story home and cut the number of rooms down, you know what I have to do.  But doing it by myself is a problem.  I am not the only soul in this house,  I think.  I had already gone thru the clothing that I can no longer wear.  But as I moved the summer clothes to the storage boxes and pulled out the winter I realized I had a need for more winter clothes, you know the ‘fart around’ the house clothes.  I am going to have to break bad and spend a day shopping for shopping clothes and restaurant clothes.  All my pants are sliding down my hips.  Sorry if that sounds like I am bragging, but I’m not.  I just want to share the problems I have with the lifestyle change of cutting gluten.  It has made me healthier and gives me an excuse to change the wardrobe out.  The thing is I have skin sensitivities that make me hate looking for pants.  But the new materials out for the skirts also will make my skin burn and itch.  Thus, looking for clothes is not fun.  I have to touch each item and then if it has some thing in the material, I have been known to find the restroom and wash my hands.  Then don’t discount trying them on and finding out that was a mistake.  

I did drive to the outlets that are an hour away.  That did a number on this girl but I bounced back the next day.  Simply just laid around for the day and then was back to normal..  But …….  I have to admit I cheated and ate some potato chips.  I had a craving and was hoping with not having any in over two years that I would be able to tolerate them.   Wrong.  My system revolted.  But did I just eat a few?  Heck no, in for an ounce?  Why not the whole bag.  It took three days but I ate most by myself.  My system is still off.  I won’t be cheating on the chips for a long, long time.   Not only was the tummy off but the daily discomfort was jacked up, so yep, food affects pain.  Don’t let any doctor tell you differently. 

If you have been on my facebook page you know that I have started a new project.  I am trying to make sourdough starter and learning how to cook with it.  No more wheat products for me so learning this skill using gluten free flour is a little self-taught.  There are several sites I have visited and watched their videos.  Watch out, this chick is experimenting.  On my facebook page I have shared some not so pretty pictures of what I have been up to.  The pancakes were tasty, the cinnamon biscuits were ok.  So I am learning.  I even have tried to do fudge.  Without using dairy, except butter, it hasn’t turned out so good the last few years, but …  this year I could have done a victory dance in the kitchen.  If you love fudge as much as I do keep an eye out for my rework post on it.  I will share, because every person should have a good fudge recipe that really tastes like fudge and can be stored for a month.


Well, Murphy’s law hit.  I was feeling pretty good about the above, then yesterday hit.  I woke on the 15th really early and hit the kitchen for juice. Then I crawled back in bed. I got back up just in time to do my morning feeding for my sourdough starter.  You guessed it; I could hardly function. Thinking wasn’t working and the bottom of my skull was feeling like it was going to explode.  So, after taking care of the starter I went back to bed.
I would not call what I did as sleep.  I could still feel the discomfort in the base of my skull.  So what does one call being asleep and being aware? I don’t think there is a term for that.  My lunch consisted of a piece of cheese and my ever-present pop.  Then I added a half of my hoarded morphine. That meant having the butler, husband, refilling my drink and hunting some crackers.  I then tried to sleep again.

By dinner time the butler became delivery driver for a burger.  No bun, please.  Back to ‘sleep’ until I couldn’t stand the noise in my head.  Then in the living room I go to watch basketball with him.  I also managed to feed the starter again.

What I have noticed about taking the morphine is that it took several hours to kick in.  It was kinder to my tummy this time, not as much nausea. But I don’t think it helped with the discomfort, maybe 50%?  I will take that 50% though.  Even now, after 1 am, my skull feels the same.  But I have had a reduction in the Sacrum.  Lardy, it felt like a hot coal was on my spine, now it is just an ember.  I really am thinking about taking another half of pill, but that leaves me with only 4.  I am certain that I will need those if I do any ‘visiting’ over the holidays.  So, since nothing much is on my to do list for a few days, I may be house bound. Boring!

That nothing much is really I need to do my Christmas shopping; simply because after Thanksgiving I will want to start on holiday candy making.  Plus my kitchen needs it fall deep clean before any candy making gets started.  You know, supervising is a daunting task when you are a control freak about how things are cleaned.  I mean if you need something done you want it done right, right?  And my way is the right way, just saying.  So maybe I can bribe the butler into bringing a ladder in and getting my roosters off the tops of the cabinets to wash dust off while he cleaned those tops.  It has been a full year and I know there has bound to be two feet of kitchen dust up there.  Who wants to cook, maybe share some of that candy, in a dusty, dirty kitchen?




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