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Restaurant Review – Cracker Barrel, Commerce GA

Restaurant Review – Cracker Barrel, Commerce GA

Y’all, with all the traveling we do, (you know going to see my mother in WV) we can stop at two Cracker Barrels in one trip.  You can find these on just about every exit ramp off any interstate in the east.  You can get breakfast all day and there are choices of pork, chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables. 

So, after driving a while and hitting the stores, we needed dinner on the way home.  Yep, Cracker Barrel it was.  Now each restaurant, in their chain, has a little different take on a lot of the menu.  They have changed a lot of things that I loved about them.  Like their green beans seem to have oil instead of real bacon and bacon grease.  So, let me tell you why we chose the place.  It is the store for me and the cost of a meal for my husband.  No, it really is a safe place for me to get a meal. 

Since I must talk about the aesthetics of the dining area, let me be honest.  Carry a ‘butt cushion in with you!  For those with Tarlov Cysts, sitting on anything hard is a nightmare.  We are talking nerve pains in the buttock, down the legs and a lot of squirming.  I have talked about my cushion before, it is a neck pillow with owls on it.  Much smaller than those that have “V’s” cut in them.  Let’s talk safety.  The aisles in the store area are not the best place to wander.  If I were using a walker I would more than likely have knocked something over. Then the brick flooring can be a bit tricky with the hard chairs.  No easy sliding the chair in or out.  You have to almost pick them up.  And, if I get up to go browse the store while waiting for the food to be delivered, I am afraid of flipping either it or the table. 

The menu?  No ‘dummy’ symbols on it.  Thus, I was forced to ask for the ‘special’ menu; really an allergy list.  Several of their restaurants have been getting in new menus or booklets with the food allergies in them.  Finally!  Shock of all shocks – it was clean!  Yes, I eat here at least once a month, not this particular store, but at some other store in their chain.  So, I had an idea of what not to eat and of what I wanted.  Knowing this, it made the ‘looking up’ much easier.  I was surprised to learn their Brussels sprout salad was GF free!   But I ordered the pork chop, grilled; a baked sweet potato; and the fried apples.  I explained my need to have the chop put on the grill with no added grease; and please, no butter on the potato, but on the side along with the sugar mix on the side.  The girl did not seem too knowledgeable about gluten, which is not her fault; that I blame on the restaurants.  When the plate came to the table everything was as I ordered.  The chop was not greasy, nor did it taste like breakfast sausage.  That told me the grill had been cleaned before my chop was put on.  The sweet potato had nothing on it.  And the apples were in their own dish.   I really like their chops, because you get the flavor of the chop not some spices to hide the freshness.  The sweet potato was completely done and not the stringy variety. 

The physical effects of the meal?  None!  Yep, no bad issues. 

I can say that this is one chain restaurant that I feel safe eating in.  Things that I wish could change in them are their chairs and menus.  Also, educating their employees would be nice.  Oh, add the bacon grease back to those green beans. 


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