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Restaurant Reviews? Oh My!

This girl got to thinking.  Yes, I know that might not be such a good thing, but I hope my readers are receptive to the addition to the blog.  Here are my thoughts.  First, we all must eat, right?  Second, those of us whom are trying to eat healthy and with restrictions may not know where we can get, much less find, a good meal.  So, on my blog I am going to start sharing the names of restaurants and what I ordered.  Kind of like a review.  I will be totally honest about everything.  I will make no excuses for the restaurant, much less myself.  If I didn’t like what I ordered I will tell you if it was my mistake or the restaurants.  I will tell you why I did not like it.

I will share the aesthetics of the restaurant.  That being things like cleanliness, noise, temperature while eating, chairs and tables.  Anything that a person with chronic pain might have to consider while eating at said restaurant.

I will share the business of the menu: ordering, and if the menu had any positives or negative in relation to the dietary issues.  If the waitress/waiter had any clue.  If the manager/owner came to the table.  All that fun and embarrassing stuff.

Then finally, I will talk about the food and how it affected my system.
Was I leaving the table to run to the potty; did I have problems on the drive home; and last, did the food cause issues a day later?

If I have company with me, and I can weasel a short statement out of them, then I will include what they thought.  For example, my husband will eat just about anything he can, but he sees the frustration I have while ordering and if I have problems from a hidden ingredient.  Then my other partner in crime is my daughter.  She has several food in-tolerances, such as corn, and she is starting to find it hard to eat out.

Also, after I contact several manufactures [that I enjoy their foods], I will  be adding my thoughts on these products.

The reason I am doing this is to get comments from the readers about their experiences at restaurants.  If it is a chain, then they need to know how their customers, with food in-tolerances, are being treated in local areas.  Maybe some management retraining, even corporate retraining?  I have eaten at several that I would rather run over hot coals, than to return for a meal.  There are some that I look forward to, if their type of food is mentioned.  I know these reviews will be for my local area; but for the chain ones — the apple does not fall far from the tree.  I hope you will comment on your experiences if I do a review of a restaurant that you have eaten at.  Who knows, I might be in two Mc D’s in a month but I will share each visit separately.  Or I might be brave enough to go back to an Olive Garden.

Also, in the comments to this blog page, I hope you add something that you might want to know about.  If I need to add or broaden my ‘things to think about’ to something you would find helpful,  please leave me a comment.  If there is a grocery item, that you have not tried, but want to dare me to buy and try, go ahead and leave me a comment.  That way I can have an excuse to try something new.  Who knows, it might be already in my pantry?



3 thoughts on “Restaurant Reviews? Oh My!

  1. This sounds great. I’m in the UK, and I am almost terrified to eat out because I have coeliac disease. Most restaurants know that means we can’t have gluten, but they don’t appreciate that there’s a cross-contamination risk. Look forward to your reviews.


    Posted by Despite Pain | November 6, 2019, 10:44 am
    • In a way it is scary to me to think I could develop it. And here restaurants like to give you whipped butter, but most are whipped with soy or canola oil. I can not tolerate much of either. Then I found out that steamed broccoli has gluten in it. No manager can tell me why yet. This new part of the blog will be interesting to even me as I hope to just walk into some places with no planning.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Zettie https://funnytailbones.wordpress.com | November 7, 2019, 7:54 pm
      • When you find out why they put gluten into steamed broccoli, please let me know. That is crazy. How are we supposed to eat in restaurants when they do things like that?


        Posted by Despite Pain | November 8, 2019, 2:37 am

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