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10/12/2019 Update


Wow, a quick up date since I told you that I do not update too often.  Isn’t it funny how things work out?  I saw that our state fair was going on and it had been since forever that I have gone.  I have been wanting to for a few years, but I have been too much of a chicken to do it.  I know the drive down there would be a trial, then the walking around in the heat, and finally considering how I react to gluten.  Yep, this girl was a chicken.

So, we got up early and headed south.  I packed my purse to have two snacks that I knew I could eat and then had a separate bag for my meds.  The walker was put in the back of the SUV.  This smart girl was thinking ahead and wore tennis shoes and long pants.  You might not think that with the heat I would be very smart in wearing long pants.  You see, the flying critters love me.  Fairs have animals and that means flying-biting critters that would feast on me.  I figure I feed enough of them on my deck, why should I provide manna for those at the fair.  I even played big girl and sat up front in the car.

Thank goodness the husband took back country roads.  I love going places where you don’t have to fight six lanes and the crazies that think everyone should go 20 over the posted speed limit.  Plus, you get to see things; like different old homes, dry river beds, chopped down national forests.  Seeing those things keeps your mind busy with what could have caused the dry river beds or just saying you like something.  On an interstate all you can say is, “hit the brakes!”, “that jerk is driving like he wants to kill himself”, or “is he/she drunk?”.    We chose to eat out of the park before we arrived.  That way I could choose a healthier, for me anyway, diet.  When we arrived, I knew there would be no walking for me, so out came the walker.

The weather was much warmer that it had been the last few days so we hit an indoor area first to look at the crafts.  There were some beautiful wood carvings, nice quilts, and the kids were good at their school displays.  One thing that caught my eye was a very detailed picture that was carved by taking off the top layer of cardboard.  It had won a first place ribbon.  I do not know what the artist used to cut just the top layer off of the cardboard, but there was not a place on it that his knife was not sharp. 

After that indoor area the husband wanted to look at sheep and those smaller hoofed animals in the barn.  The barn floor was straw and poo, so this girl was not taking her walker in there.  Plus, the smell had turned me off.  I wanted to see the chickens, but we could not find them.  Then we went into the horse barn.  Lardy, those draft horses are huge and they have a conceited attitude to their stance.  Man were they handsome.  Then we just spent the day walking around.  I kept reminding the husband I am not as fast as him. 

When we had seen all we could see, we just found a spot in the shade and sat at a table.  When we go places my husband will start talking to anyone.  Well, true to form he ask a man about himself from part of the conversation the family was having.  Come to find out that man was a race car driver and his son is in Nascar.  If it is not a person my husband has worked with or someone from his hometown area, it has to be a famous person or their family member.  It just makes me chuckle how he can find someone interesting every time we go away from home.  That allowed me to think about something other than my body.  And to rest.  Though resting sitting upright was not really resting.

We had planned to stay for that night’s concert.  Confederate Railroad was who the headliner was.  We stayed until about half way through the concert.  I took two seats to try and get comfortable.  Half way though the day I had two nerves that were firing themselves off.  One was in the middle of my back and the other was on the collar bone.  I mean, I looked like I was freaking out when that one on the collar bone would fire.  It was like someone was poking me with a huge needle.  Then the pain would spread to about a 3 inch circle around the area.  I had carried some e-oil along with me, but it was doing nothing for that one nerve.  I dabbed some on the back where that one was firing and it helped it.  But no, nothing for the collar bone.  Who knew we had nerves there?  Then, to make matters worse, I had left the meds in the dash of the SUV.  I did not want to ask the husband to go get them, because that would have been the end of my day.

I came to the realization that I need new shoes.  With the weight loss and the age of those sneakers they did not fit comfortably.  So that will be a chore that I need to tackle some time at an outlet.  Sounds like a fun shopping trip if I can get a chauffeur.

Over all I had a good time.  My house was getting on my nerves, from being in it a lot.  So, just doing something as punishing as the fair was, helped me with the feeling of being closeted.  Today?  I will spend some time watching football, American, and doing the Cleopatra pose on the couch.  Maybe watch some gardening videos and talking to my plants on the deck.  But no walking and no walker.  Oh, and I refuse to cook.  Besides I have a bag of cotton candy waiting for me.  Who needs heathy when you have cotton candy?    

Sunday, 10/13/2019

Would you not know it, I had a symptom to pop up that I had thought or wished had disappeared.  It chose about the time I wanted to head to bed.  Trying to rest and having bee stings in those unmentionable places is not conducive to sleep.    After taking something, I was finally able to sleep.  That means that I am feeling the effects of the medicine today.     I am thankful that the fired up nerve on my collar bone has quieted down.

Would I do it again?  I was disappointed in the displays, over all, and it might be a few years until I get a wish to go back.  But it was worth it to get away for a day.  Even the over-active nerves can be overlooked, if you can keep your mind busy.  If something else catches my eye, for an interesting event to attend, I will have to weigh the pros and cons and then decide if I am stubborn enough to go or just sit home wishing I went.  It is all about the scales and about the stubbornness.


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