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10/06/2019 Update

I hope my readers understand that this blog is not a daily, or even weekly, blog where I just put something out into the web world to be read.  As life has become a normal routine of living with my new normal, then there are times that I feel there is no need to put a post out there.  For all the new readers you may be familiar with the phrase “new normal”.  But everyone has a little bit of a different take on their personal meaning.  For me, I use the phrase to mean the daily life that I have had to adjust to.  It, in no way, means my life has gone back to its old pre-symptom, normal-activities-of-never-paying-attention to the body.  Nor, that my body is back to its normal, or should I say its “before Tarlov Cysts normal”.  So, my phrasing of “new normal” means that I am living a life totally different from the life of before

My daily life has become rather boring.  It is full of dull stuff like making sure to not fall, even though I kinda fail at that.  Even making myself move has become a habit.  Thank goodness for that one or I would have become that big fat blubber alien on one of the Star Wars movies.  Who needs legs, right?  But, I now can do my exercises without too much thought and I have even trained my body to recognize when it has been in its Cleopatra pose too long.  All this is part of my new normal.

So, please do not expect a daily dose of this lady living with a funny tailbone.  If something interesting pops up, then I will share.  That is, if it has had an effect on the lovely body.

Now, let me tell you that I recently cheated on the clean eating.  I bought a half gallon of milk.  Grass fed!  Spent way too much money on it; but I had a real hankering for chocolate milk.  You know, using the powder real-chocolate and making it myself.  Then I wanted some soup that has a cream base.  So, this chick hits the store and comes home with a half-gallon of that prized-overpriced-grass-fed milk.  I make my soup; I make my chocolate milk.  I had an orgy of milk.  Not really.  But I did have more cow’s milk than I have had in a while.

You know you are dying to know how things turned out.  Let me share.  I started having a sour stomach by the second helping of that milk.  The soup was OK, but the second night of the chocolate milk!  I could not sleep that night.  I had to doze sitting up.  Then we won’t talk about the effect that involves the bathroom.  Nope, too polite for that.  Therefore, I avoided the milk for about 4 more days and went in for another glass of milk.  This time with no additions to it.  The moment it hit my stomach I knew that it would end up down the drain.  But I answered my important question of, “if I am intolerant of milk”.   That carton is still in the fridge.  I do not have the heart to toss five dollars down a drain.  Also, the surgery site paid for the milk.  Swelling and total discomfort.  Who says that food does not affect how your body responds to the things that are wrong with it.  

So, guess what I am thinking of trying. …

I was watching more gardening videos and guess what one lady says she does to her garden!  She uses bad milk, mixed with water, and pours around her plants needing calcium.  Hummm, my maters look a little peaked so maybe they need a calcium boost.  If you have ever tried this, please let me know if I have lost a screw or two for even contemplating doing this.  Kind of expensive plant boost, but hey, beats going down the drain.  I don’t know if I will have the nerve to do it or not; considering, I have no clue how bad that milk might be smelling.   I did ask the husband, a few days ago, to toss the stuff, but I haven’t even paid attention to see if he did it.  Who knows, it might already be down a drain.

Since I have not updated you on my deck garden, let me share my pride.  I started out with just one small, pitiful looking, cherry tomato bush or vine.  Paid a whole dollar for it since the box store got them in too early last spring.  But I re-potted it and put it under a grow light.  It survived.  Then the next week they had the bigger ones on sale for a dollar and I did the same thing.  A few weeks later the university, down the road, had their yearly plant sale.  For a dollar more I came home with another plant.  Tomato of course.   I had also bought several herbs the grocery store was trying to kill.  Basil, Parsley, mint. 

I should share how they all have fared.  Right, wouldn’t you?  The cherry tomatoes have been the money maker for me.  At the cost of a pint size tub in the store, organic of course;  I have harvested the return of the money all plants cost me from that one (first) cherry tomato plant.  I even learned something.  If you take the “sucker” off the main plant and you do it right, you can use it to start another plant.  This smart girl ended up with 3 cherry tomato plants.  I didn’t know that trick when I took the suckers off the other two plants or my deck would have been a jungle of tomato vines.  All my plants are over five feet tall and maybe even 7 in areas.  I have them in containers and tied up along poles.  The hummingbird uses them for a perch to ward off invaders.  He will even buzz my head to tell me to get away or that his feeder is empty.   There is nothing more fun than sitting on the floor of the deck and having a hummingbird war going on around you.

Now the other two plants are slow for ripening.  The one from the university was a yellow variety.  I lost a few of those because I had no clue.  I kept leaving them on, thinking they will turn red; nope, sad to say.  Then the third plant has been a fair producer.  But the hardest thing is sitting on my deck each morning and looking at the green fruit.  These are the slowest tomatoes to ripen I think I have ever been around.  Even with all the heat and direct sunlight.

Then my second money maker was the basil plant.  I was able to take at least 10 cutting from it and boy did it produce.  I now have two quarts of dried basil.  The oregano and parsley did good, but not as good as that basil.  Since the mint was having a really bad time of it from the store, it has only given me a jelly jar of dried leaves.  But it is still alive.

I have tried lettuce and everyone says it is the easiest to grow.  Wrong!  I can’t even get micro greens from it.  But I have had a tiny bit of kale and radishes.  Now that the weather is supposed to be cooling down, I bought six broccoli plants and have tried my hand at reseeding the greens.  The peas are up, the parsnips are up, beets too.  Lettuce?  Still a loser.  

Let me share with you what I have been using for pest control.  Double sided tape!  Yep, that stuff is a winner in my book.  I wrap it around my finger and get those tiny green aphids that are trying to suck my plants to death.  I even use it around the stalks of my plants.  I even put it under the mint to catch them when I give the vine a little shake.  Those tiny little plant-eaters will fall off the vine and sorry!

You might think that my deck-garden has nothing to do with my Tarlov Cysts, but you would be wrong.  I use it as a form of meditation.  I sit on the deck until the sun runs me in or the mosquitoes.  I have my morning coffee and breakfast.  I have my morning conversation with the Lord.  And I talk to the plants and hummingbird.  I can come inside, and I might be stiff or sore from sitting or squatting, but my mind is refreshed.  The deck-garden is my tool that I am currently using.  Just the same as paint-by-number was the tool I used to retrain my body with sitting.  Or really to train my mind to forget what my body was doing and how bad it was screaming at me for sitting on my rear.  Besides, the garden tastes much better than paint-by-number. 


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