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09/06/2019 Update

Time for an Update!

Wow! Have I had fun!  You know that was sarcasm, right? 

What has this chick been up to?  Well a trip to WV and finally seeing the dental surgeon. 

Let us talk about the wonderful trip to WV.  We all know I have gotten smart in my old age and just start any trip in the back of the SUV, on my nest.  Ummm, they are doing major road work within two miles of my home and it seems on every other road going to the interstate.  Then of course the interstates have road work.  So it took us close to an hour to get to said interstate.  My loving chauffeur decided to zigzag thru town, trying to not hit any of the construction.  OK, think about this.  I am reclining on my side, all snuggled in my seat belts.  Well, seat belts only stop you from falling or rolling into the floor of the car.  They do nothing to keep you from sliding from one door to the other door.  So, the only recourse I had was to put my feet on the door and hang onto the seat in front of me.  When driving thru the town, we would go maybe 30 yards then hit a four way stop and have to turn.  Then to the next street corner to repeat the stop and turn.  Can I say I get car sick?  I tried counting turns but lost count trying not to let go of what little I ate that morning.  Thank goodness I carry a tiny pink pill to chew or stick under my tongue.  I even threaten the chauffeur if he ever did that to me again someone might not enjoy it.  So his short cut took 15 to 20 mins longer than my route would have.  Yes, I timed both routes once so I know what I am talking about. 

When we got to the area where we would have gotten onto the interstate, I had to have him pull into a fast-food drive-thru and get me something to eat.  Fake eggs and bacon on a tray, I even ate the tater tots.  Thank goodness I had my e-oil tummy tamer to help with this.  Thus, I had to take a pill and add one to make me drowsy.  I wake up when we hit the next construction zone, real comfortable road bed.  We had already made a pit-stop at the next state’s rest area, before then.  Then we had to stop for gas.  So I got out and walked again.  One of those side effects of the Tarlov Cysts was in full swing.  I could not use the potty!  My bladder was full!  But the nerves would not relax enough to ease it.  So back into the car we go and down the road.  We hit another rest stop, hoping I could get something to work, no luck.  Hours later it was time to eat dinner.  So, a stop for gas and some gluten free food; but still no functioning bladder.  It had been over eight hours since this chick had relieved her bladder.  The legs were completely numb, the arms were spasming and cramping.  I spent the rest of the trip under the influence of muscle relaxers.  Thank goodness because this trip was taking too long.  I still had two hours more to go!  My back, arms and legs were quivering and it felt like someone was taking my muscles and twisting them. 

Then would you not know it, disaster strikes.  We have to travel a road with two tunnels on it.  And as the usually happens, [Murphy’s Law] we had just passed the last exit and with no warning, the road was completely shut down!  Tractor trailers were in both lanes with no where to go, the drivers were getting out and talking to each other.  Some had to pull off due to time laws, others just to wait it out.  I have no clue how long we had our SUV shut off, and how many times we had to do it.  Thank goodness my system did not decide to get the bladder working. 

So, our normal seven to seven and half hour trip took a full ten hours.  Would that not be fun?  Thank goodness the return trip went like it should and I got to see my sister and use her spare bedroom.  She even sent me home with a tiny fig tree! 

Then this last week was super fun!  I had my appointment to have a tooth removed.  The dentist told me from what he could see on the x-rays, the tooth had deteriorated from the jaw bone down and to keep it from affecting my other tooth it had to come out.  I asked why or how could this happen.  His thought was that the nerves were not getting any signals or the other ‘possible’ diagnosis could have caused the issue.  By the time Monday came around I was so scared, because this new dental surgeon was not knocking me completely out.  And I was so confused after the consult;  I had no clue what she was doing to keep me from feeling anything.  She told me she would not be putting any numbing meds in my mouth.  I would have a pill to take the morning of the surgery and she would use gas.  Well, I have issues with noises.  I don’t want to hear a word about what someone is doing to my body while they are doing it.  And I sure did not want to hear the tooth making noises as it was coming out.  I was crying on Monday and in a heck of a lot of fear.  Therefore, I took one of my hoarded halves of a Xanax, so I could get some sleep and quit crying.  I was a brave soul and went to the appointment.  By the time they put the gas on my face and they propped my mouth open, I was in good frame.  But the assistant made the mistake of sticking that water suction thing too far back in my mouth.  I gag brushing my teeth, for heaven sakes.  I had warned them again that day that this would happen if they were not careful.  The surgeon and her staff all spoke Spanish, so I have no clue what was said, but a different assistant came in.  The surgeon would constantly tell me to quit putting my leg under my rear and would have another person try to straighten me.  I had told them to put something under me to keep me on my side, and not let me be flat on the dental chair.  I guess, subconsciously, I was protecting my rear.  Finally someone came in with a roll of blanket and propped me up.  Thank you!   But I don’t know about you, if you are drowsy and needing rest you are going to get comfortable, right?  The next thing I remember was her telling me that she was ready and that someone would be holding my head firmly so she could get the tooth loose.   Yep, a male voice said “ready” when he had me in a hold.  The thing I didn’t share, was the female surgeon was a tiny woman!  If she weighed 110 pounds then I would be surprised.  But she cheated and used some devise that she had to drill a hole into the tooth to grab the tooth with.  She did say I had a tiny mouth.  Yep, when having x-rays, or any other thing that requires a tray, they use the children’s size.  Go me!  You can’t say I have a big mouth! 

When they tried getting me out of the chair, I had my eyes closed.  I kid you not!  If this body gets a chance to have a medically induced relaxed state it takes advantage of it.   They were putting my shoes back on me and trying to tug me up into a standing position.  Another assistant, which was a little bigger than me, had a death grip on me.  I was walking down the hall with my eyes closed.  You think they would have been smart enough to get their payment out of the husband before they were finished with me.  But nooooo!  They gave me a counter to hold on to, and then tried to handle business while I was weaving with what little of a grip I had.  I finally got to go home!  I went straight to my bed. 

Now that it is Friday, I can say that after the first day I felt no pain.  Yes, the jaw is sore and the stitches irritate my tongue. But the worse of it is I have to eat soft food.  [Said in a childish whiny voice.]  I can’t afford to eat something that will open the giant whole in my mouth or rip a stitch.  I am starving!  I told the husband today, that it might take me a full year to recover from being hungry.  I can’t eat any of those tiny seeds they stick in all the gluten free foods, nor any fresh berries, salad or meat.  Did I say I was hungry?  And I can’t eat any real food until I see the doctor again. 




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