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Pain Tolerance Rant

Ok I really have to get something off my chest.

My two gripes:

When a doctor asks what your level of pain is and you answer.  Then someone will also suggest that you are a terrible person by making the comment that ‘your pain tolerance is low’.  [And isn’t it always said with a snide tone!]

Take the question from the doctor.  Say you are honest and you tell him it is at a 10.  I do not know what they expect.  Do they want you thrashing about on the floor, groaning and moaning, tears smearing your face?  All the above?  Well get over yourself, I am not that type of person.  When I give that magic number I consider a lot of things.  How long have I been at this level?  How much of my body is affected?  What am I experiencing as the type of pain?  Does the pain hinder my thought process?  All these things make up my number.  I also take away the two extreme types of pain I have had and do not include those as my comparison.  [Those being when the grease was splashed on my hand and the newest was the kidney stone saga.]  When I give the number I give it for the illness I have. 

Then how rude for other people to ask or even suggest that some people can take pain differently than others.  And to suggest that they are somehow inferior as a person because of how they experience pain.  To even ask someone if they have a high or low pain tolerance is pure stupidity.  My anger just boils over with people making such comments about me.  Excuse the hell out of me, but this is me and my body!  I tell you what, to the rude person who makes comments about other people let us do a test.  The test being that you spend 24 hours in my body and I will spend 24 in yours.  Then after the 24 hours we will do a simple pain test.  We will send electric shocks thru out your body and see how you tolerate it.  I am living this daily life of constant discomfort and I bet I could tolerate the shock a whole lot better than you.  I have had practice getting through my day with them, what will you have? 

Just because I don’t wallow in self-pity or cry continually does not mean that I am pain free.  So, the days you see me functioning in a semi normal manner does not mean I am discomfort free.  All it means is I have learned to tolerate!  I have learned coping methods.  And it means I am deserving of an Oscar.    So, if the best you can do for support is to say someone has a low tolerance for pain then you might want to keep your mouth shut; for ignorance speaks loudly.

Something else to consider on the pain tolerance comment.  When you suggest someone has a low tolerance, you are expressing disrespect to, and about, that patient.  You are expressing that somehow you are superior to them and are belittling their experiences.  You are certainly not thinking something we are taught as children, “How would I like it if someone said that about me?”

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