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06/16/2019 Update

Y’all, Help!  I am so nervous I am giving myself a headache.  We head out, in the morning, for Dallas.  It has been 4 and half years since I have been in that town. 

I so know I did not have this much anxiety over my first consult or even surgery.  I had no clue what to expect then; now I do.  Now, I kinda know what I am looking at on my MRI images.  But there are a few things I have no idea what are.  Having knowledge can be a double edged sword.  We all have heard the cliche of  “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. 

I have done all the distracting I could come up with.  We even had the kids in the house for two days.  And one grand-baby [pup].  I even went shopping to improve the comfort of my back seat.  I will, hopefully remember, to take a picture of my new and improved nest in the back seat.  If I truly have Fibromyalgia, as the doctor hinted at, that has encouraged the purchase of memory foam to add to that hard-uneven seat.  Staying on my side, [back there, heck lets be honest -anytime I am in that position] makes every thing hurt and the arms and hip even ache where I rest them on each other.  Then let us not talk about the shoulders and legs going dentist-appointment ‘asleep’.  Or just ‘asleep’ with all the tingling and stinging attacking me.  Who knew the concept of “asleep” in the body/nerve language could be two totally separate feelings. 

I know I have shared that I have become the queen of container gardening on my deck.  Well, I have been babying one tomato plant to get the steak size fruit.   Yep, that plant has three real pretty ones on it.  So it will make me sad that I might not get to eat the ‘fruit of my labors’.  But my daughter promised to  stop by to water and keep a look out.  I told her to send me selfies of her and my babies. I even told her she had to talk to the plants and touch them each time she comes by.  I just don’t know if I should be nice and let her eat the first one.  But something no one ever told me is – – potato flowers smell good!  They have a clean, floral smell to them.  A bee was working each flower and I could smell something while I had my morning swing so I got curious and went looking for the smell.  I was pleasantly surprised.  So, how am I growing a potato on my deck?  Got that sucker in a laundry basket lined with plastic.  Just bury that half of potato and what what happens. Oh, the ones with the white-eyes sticking out work great.   I bet I can do that all year long.  When I get back I am going to start another batch of sweet peas.  I have them in a storage box and can raise them inside.  Won’t that be pretty in front of a window.

I know I have been slack on posting lately, truth be told, I am being a scaredy-cat about all this MRI business.  Hopefully the doctor can help calm me a bit.  If not there are always tiny pharmaceuticals, right? 




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