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More Thoughts on Jōb, Unicorns, and Sea Dragons

Let me continue my post on Jōb being a great-grand-father way back when.  [ Was Jōb One of My Grandfathers? ]  I do not do any of that genealogy mess out there.  No one needs to know what evil person has been in my family history.  With the way our government is going they may very well snoop into what illness they can label us with.  Then when the full socialist medicine gets here, they might just decide I am not worthy of the air I am breathing. 

So back to Jōb.  What types of comfort do I get from reading that Book?  Besides the spiritual, I get affirmations. 

Affirmations?  Yes, I can affirm that this is not my fault.  Most people that suffer from pain will face self-post-mortems.   They will wonder if they ate something; even if some medicine they took (trusting the pharmaceutical world ); or, even now, we question the immunizations that are thrown at us at every turn.  With my illness there is the concern that a spinal epidural during labor and delivery could cause them.  So I have had to stop looking at my life with a magnifying glass, trying to find out what caused these Tarlov Cysts.  I turned to Jōb and have re-read it several times.  What better reference to us than this Book? 

Another thing this Book, in the Bible, affirms is that it is OK to pity and rant to ourselves sometimes.  Jōb questions why he was allowed to even be born if this was the final outcome.  He even comes close to getting really mad at God, but he does not cross the line into cursing the Lord.  We have to remember that the Bible, from front to back, supplies examples of good and examples of bad.  Examples of what is sin and what is just trials and our reactions to them.   It is our textbook on living.  Remember when we question or pity life, than we are giving satan fodder for gloating. 

Another affirmation is what we will be dealing with when we have a painful trial.  Some of us have long term trials, some just a few months, but…… We will all be questioned by our family and friends.  We will all be accused of something about the illness.  Just like Jōb’s friends, our family may turn on us, or give the appearance.  Some of our friends disappear, the others might start a tirade of what we are doing wrong.  Think about that Book of 42 Chapters.  Almost all of 35 chapters are filled with nothing but the discourse of Jōb and his friends.  The other 7 are the discourse of God with satan, or God and Jōb.  If Jōb’s friends and family can turn on him what makes us think we are more special?  It gives us guidance on how to respond to those negative comments and negative feelings they encourage.  A little sarcasm is OK, a little truth to the family and friends is OK.  What is not OK is getting mad at our maker.

So when you read my sarcasm, just think of it as some great-grand-parents’ fault.  Cheer me on as I have grown and accepted this illness.  I am no longer questioning the whys; nor the future.  I suggest everyone read or re-read that Book.  You can find it on the internet.  For first time readers, it might be rather boring, with all the posturing by the friends.  Some of what they say is ‘true’, some is just personal thoughts that they think is the only ‘right’.  Be prepared to empathize with Jōb.  I have been known to cry right along with him, I have even given him a fist pump on some of the things he says to his friends.  Then I feel a peace for the understanding that Jehovah imparts to all.    

Fun thing about this Book – – it talks about unicorns [Chapter 39], leviathans (sea dragons) and behemoths. 


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