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Life Style Change

How is the Lifestyle Change Going?

Since I have not posted in a while about the lifestyle change and my eating habits, let me catch ya up.

I tried to watch what I put in this lovely mouth of mine.  Except for candy!  Tis the season for candy!  So, to have a snack everyone could scoop from, I made a nut mixture with gluten free cereal and some little round candies in it.  I though I was so smart because I did not add anything that I could not have – except the little chocolates.  I even kept peanuts out of the mix.  I had all the organic raw nuts, cereal, and the gluten free pretzels.  Or so I though.  I picked up the wrong bag of pretzels.  Yep, I kept wondering why my tummy felt off.  Then I went into the cabinet to replenish the mix and wham!  My pretzel bag looked funny.  It was the wrong ones that I had added to the mix. 

Ya’ll,  just one or two of those little buggers about three times a day set me up for failure.  I even have to say, that since I was serving so many people over the holidays that I bought several things non-organic.  I will say “yes” it makes a difference.  Since I had finally got my gut into a happy place and then to slide with those two things made my body unhappy. 

Then add the fact that I ate taters!  Yep I had not had but a French fry or two in almost a year.  So, I made them for everyone and of course I ate some.  I made them mashed, roasted, and even mixed with cauliflower.  Won’t do that again for a while.  Why lie?  I will wait a few months and then see if I can tolerate them some.

I have been keeping a knot of fluid [at least I hope that is what it is] next to my spine.  That knot is making sitting almost impossible at times.  I can feel that knot all the time.  Sometimes it seems to be pressing inward, others it seems to be pressing toward my hip, and then it will at times rub against my spine.   Now, do not miss understand me, the knot is not moving around in there.  It just seems to irritate those areas at separate times. 

Also, I am finding more foods that I can not tolerate.  Take soy beans, I do not remember the fancy names they give those things.  But I know to limit the amount of soy in my foods.  I just did not think eating the bean itself would cause me to get a head ache, not minor, within 30 minutes. 

I hope someone learns from my mistakes.  I think it is time to head to the grocery store again.  I will have to do a food cleanse.  I do use an e-oil cleanse capsule, so I will do them for three days then take the probiotic for another three days and see if that helps ease some of the symptoms.   If you have read any of my blog you know I try to stay away from supplements unless I am desperate.  I’m there!  I will take the cleanse at night and in the morning I will take the capsules for inflammation.  [ Oh, this is not medical advice, lol.]  Since you are wondering what I meant by “food cleanse” – – that is where I eat mainly my leafy greens and just a touch of meat and other foods.

Surprising me was I held my weight, even after finishing off a box of candy.  So, what lessons have I learned.  I cannot tolerate cheating as much as I did.  Re-look at packages when you are stressed and trying to do things by yourself.  Do not assume you picked up the right package.  Do not forget to eat your green leafy’s, no matter how whiny others are.




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