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12/20/2018 Update

I thought I would put a post out here.  I don’t want ya’ll to forget me.  This will cover what I have been up to since my trip for Thanksgiving. 

We all know that the high school football season does not end until right before Christmas with state playoffs.  Yep, they start when all good parents should be starting and completing their Santa shopping.  Well, I would not mind so much if my helper and chauffeur did not think he needed to go two states away to watch their playoffs.  He had to see his high school and the one where our children might have graduated from if we had stayed in North Carolina.  So, does he just go a day or two?  Nope.  He had to make it an extended stay.  Did I go with him?  Nope!  The traveling to West Virginia did my traveling in.  I even let him know that I was not leaving my state this year for any family gatherings.  They live just as far from me as I live from them.  Besides one of my young’uns lives 12 hours away from the rest of the family.  He is a manager where he works, add being single, he lets the family men have time with their angels.  I knew I could not yet go to his home and see him.  That being said, we got all the logistics worked out and when Christmas dinner would be cooked, etc. 

It was to be my house since our daughter was (is) trying to sell her home.  You know what goes into shopping and planning this type of dinner.  We do not have the traditional turkey or ham; we go with fresh rib roast.  That is not something you buy a week or two ahead of time and shove into a freezer.  Also, with the meal restrictions my daughter and I have, it meant extra time in the grocery stores re-reading packages. 

So, this is how my pre-Christmas went.  Stress!  Shopping without a chauffeur.  Shopping without a safety net and help if I got into trouble.  That meant I was in my car most days.  That meant driving myself somewhere and praying that I just got to the store.  Then walking the store hoping I could find what I went into it for and not forgetting what that item was.  Some days I could make it to a second store.  But that would force me to take the next day off and do nothing.  Also, since I did not have a driver it meant I had to head home before dark.  That was a joke since each day had rain.  Well, I don’t know if you have caught on to my personality or not but ‘do nothing’ is not my forté.  I would try and decorate or wrap presents.  That meant the decorations had to be brought up the stairs.  That meant doing it in the morning before my foot drop would decide it wanted to see if I realized it was going to act up and trip me.  That was how the pre-Christmas went. 

When my husband returned, I was one fuming wife.  Each day he had a chore that needed done, and one of those was to complete what I had asked him to do before he ran away.  [Here is a shower cleaning tip for those who hate cleaning them.  Ready?  Get all the soap scum off and get a quality paste car wax and get those walls!  They are made of the same thing your car is, so if the water runs off your car why not the shower?  That way when the lazy teens or husband, whom do not think that shower needs cleaned as often as you, makes you mad; you just run some none-soapy water down the walls and it gives you a little longer between full cleaning.  A good wax job will last about three months.]  Anyway, I scrubbed that bathroom and then put the wax on the shower.  I was wore out by that time and I just left that pretty green stuff on the walls, the shower curtain on the floor and I have no idea what else I left in disarray in that room.  I just calmly shut the door and walked off.  Oh, if you don’t know, if you leave that pretty green stuff on for several days, it does not want to come off until a few showers later.  Bahaha!

Anyway, I still did not finish my shopping by Christmas.  The two things I could not find were the children’s special ornaments for the past year.  I did spend several nights crying over that one.  But can you believe the grocery trip that I took to get the roast was a partial fail.  I was also planning on having his brother and sister at our home for a few days, and I had no food in the house.  Grocery shopping is one place I will not go alone anymore.  So, the first trip we (I) managed to get the things I was planning on cooking when they were to be at the house and completely forgot about the roast.  I forgot to even look at the roasts.  That was another crying moment.  I knew I had to get the fresh fruit and salad stuff but that was supposed to be a quick trip that anyone could do.  What else did I forget?  I forgot that I was to pick up something for Christmas Eve dinner.  Boy was that fun.  We ended up trying to find a place when most of them were closing down.  I do apologize to the waitresses and cooks, but one of them was a thief.  My son’s credit card info was stolen.  Some elf that was!

Christmas came and went, and I did not burn anything – but two rolls.  My son and husband thought the roast was too raw for them.  Just perfect for me!  Oh, and I bought store boxed candy!  I was too afraid of trying to stir fudge myself; then be too tired to turn it out of the pot by myself.  I could just picture getting scalded with it or dropping the pot on the floor.  So, I made none of my usual yummy stuff.  It was boxed candy for us.  After the son left, I finished off a whole box in two days.  Go ahead and get the flip-flop and smack me.  I am paying for it.  I mean really paying for it.  I have the biggest knot along one side of my spine and every joint in my body is protesting.  Sitting is like sitting on a very large paver’s stone.  No brimstone, just one very large and pointy stone.

Today is the day we were going out to celebrate the daughter’s birthday.  We had our signals crossed.  I thought it was supposed to be a leisurely lunch and a 3 pm showing of the movie.  Everyone else thought it was to be a very early lunch and 12:30 showing.  It would not have mattered because this chick was needing help just to shower.  Then to reach above my head to pull a shirt out of the closet was not happening.  Therefore, after I finally got ready, we just went for a snack then the movie and then to Japanese.  Yum!  Let me tell you, after just getting to the mall I was ready to quit.  After sitting in the restaurant to eat our snack, I just had my daughter get our tickets and I hung back.  I did not want her to witness her mom crying as she was trying to stand up.  Now you might be wondering why I would go to a theater to watch a movie, because you are supposed to sit in those seats, right?  Sorry, I am one of those rude people who put their feet up on the seat in front of them.  If anyone would have sat in front of me, too bad.

After the movie we went to the hibachi restaurant and everyone knows those straight back seats are painful, for anyone!  Thus, my pretty owl neck pillow went in with me.  That’s called planning.  Did it help?  I will say, “sure” with a very wrinkled forehead and tone that says if you believe that then I have land for sale on the moon.  Anyway, I could not even eat half of my serving.  I came home, changed clothes and crawled into bed.  A good bit of medicine went in me and to sleep I went. 

I am almost finished with my four-year ‘recovery’ post.  It is rather long, so I will do it in two pages.  If I can get someone to proof it for me.  And I have almost finished off the candy that I like, so hopefully my system will get back to normal. 




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