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#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 5

This trying to write my  ChronicallyIllAndThankful  posts are waking me up to the complexity of life.  I have 30 days to cover  and something to cover on each of those.  So today I will take the things we do daily without thought.  That is unless something happens to make us unsure, or we suffer an illness that can do a number on them.  Yes ‘do a number’ is a pun!  When I said, “doing without thought”,  what I really meant was if we were not desperate and having to think about how fast we could get there and where the next one was located.   Oh, and let’s not forget about “clean”.

Can you guess what I am thankful for?

Going to the potty for Number 1 or Number 2 !  Yep, that is my “Thankful” for today.    Since we gave up the diapers, we were big boys and girls, we started going by ourselves.  We just went in there and plopped hinies down and did our business.  I am extremely glad I can still do that.  But with the nerves to those body functions being attacked by my Tarlov Cysts, who knows how long I get that privilege.  I have become very grateful for the ability.  During my journey to just get a diagnosis and find a doctor, things were messing up.  Now that it has been 4 years from my surgery I really, really, am grateful for the ability to go and not have to live with ‘surprises’.  Think about how we take the bladder and bowels for granted.  Then contemplate the loss of their functions.  Just thinking about that makes me grateful each day.  Not only thankful for still having the functions, but thankful that I am paying more attention to any change in those functions.  I know that sounds gross, but what’s a girl to do, right?

Hope you chuckled along with me as I typed it.  Some serious reading are the posts below.  Enjoy.

06/09/2017 Update

Third Stage of the Journey

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