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#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 3

Today is Day 3.  Today I chose being thankful for my stubborn-ness.  [I love to hyphenate that word, it makes you feel the word.]  Yep, stubborn-ness.  If I had not gotten mad at the doctors I was seeing, then I would not have researched my illness.  I would not have found out that there was possible relief to be had.  My stubborn-ness allowed me to educate myself about what was happening to my body and what could happen.  So being scared of how bad this illness could or would get made me more stubborn to not let it happen to me. 

Also, my stubbornness has kept me mobile.  I was so tempted to just not move since moving causes pain.  If I just laid on my side with pillows between my legs I could forget the pain.  But knowing if I did that, I would be wheelchair bound;  I refused.  My stubborn-ness keeps me driving.  Who knows with using the ‘+’  and  ‘-’  on my cruise control may be prepping me for a different type of driving car.  Yes, most days the husband is my chauffeur, but I do get a little peeved and do some myself. 

My stubbornness also enables me to not have to resort to the pain medicine.  I am too stubborn to take it because of the side effects.  I refuse to take something that makes me sick or a danger to others.  Yep, I stubbornly will take pain over puking , head spins, and itching.

So, as I contemplate the things that Tarlov Cyst Disease has given me to be grateful for I choose my ability to be stubborn.  Sometimes being a little stubborn is a ‘good’ thing and sometimes it is a ‘not so good’ thing.  I have learned to recognize the times that my ‘not so good’ is over reaching into the very ‘not so good’.  But I think that anyone with a chronic pain illness needs a little  ‘determination’.

So for your reading enjoyment I will share these former posts.

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